01 April 2012

Sexy Zone making people high.

Well all the information for Sexy Zone's upcoming single is out now on Johnny's net. This includes the title of the B-side that will be on all versions of the single. The B-side is titled High!! High!! People.

I am rather surprised the B-side will be a new song and not Suki Sugite, as they have been performing the latter quite a bit. Not too disappointed as it is nice that they are getting more songs of their own but I just hope they do not end up like Hey! Say! JUMP and end up with a bunch of songs that have not been released on CDs, just performed live.

It has also been announced that SZ will be the official support for the final qualifiers for the 2012 London Olympics.

This piece of news is not that surprising as Hey! Say! JUMP did the same. If anything it just goes to further cement the fact that SZ are indeed the latest FIVB debut group and are here to stay. But there is some mention of the possibility of a new song for this support role, which is rather exciting as it could mean that things may already be lining up for their third single.


Jackie said...

I liked Suki Sugite a lot when I saw it on SC but I´m excited to hear High!!High!!People. It sounds so energetic!
Sexy Zone are sure getting pushed a lot recently and I think it will continue like that through the whole year. Good for them!

Thennary Nak said...

With any luck we will still get Suki Sugite on a CD release eventually. I'm kinda glad we are getting a new song instead as it will help with making SZ concerts feel more like SZ concerts and not Junior concerts, IMHO.

They need this kind of pushing so people can finally know who they are. I am really hoping Lady Diamond does better than Sexy Zone since they do seem to have picked up a growing fanbase since their debut.