26 April 2011

Because it's not Johnny's if it isn't recycled.

I was searching through clips of the Johnny's groups of the 80s and 90s when I found this clip and noticed something familiar about this group, Shibugakitai, and the more recent group NYC.

I had always thought of NYC as a retro group, or at least a group that was paying homage to the groups of those decades. Their B-sides have a sound that is similar to the Johnny's groups of the 80s and 90s, which makes sense with their first single being a cover of a Hikaru Genji song. But it's a sound that has stuck with them since that single.

Finding this video also points towards NYC being styled after these older groups with the similarities of a teenage trio color coded with the three base colors. Shibugakitai wasn't the first to use this scheme either and I wouldn't be surprised that if searching through Shounentai videos I found them in those three colors.

It makes me wish I knew more about past Johnny's groups as I feel like I can appreciate NYC more because of this connection to groups of the past. They're not the only group that has such a connection either as Kis-My-Ft2 was created to be like Hikaru Genji, from the use of roller skates to having an older and younger set of members.

So I think it's rather unfortunate that there seems to be so little information about these older groups in English seeing as Johnny's has proven that while they keep trying to find ways their groups can be the first in something they are also always looking back to find what worked in the past so to try to see if it can also work in the present.

19 April 2011

TOKIO new release

TOKIO will be finishing up the month of May when it comes to singles from Johnny's artists. May 25th they will release a new single titled Miageta Ryusei.

This release will have three editions, two LEs and a RE. The LEs each come with a DVD, one for the PV for the title track while the other has the PV of the digital single PLUS. They also only have the title track with karaoke on the CD. The RE will have three tracks, the title track and two B-sides, which include a CD version of PLUS.

Miageta Ryusei [w/ DVD, Limited Edition 1] / TOKIO

Miageta Ryusei [w/ DVD, Limited Edition 2] / TOKIO

Miageta Ryusei [Regular Edition] / TOKIO

I guess since TOKIO doesn't have any number one single streaks J-Storm doesn't mind putting them up against AKB48, who should easily get the number one spot for that week. It also seals the fact that Kis-My-Ft2's debut single probably isn't coming out until June.

16 April 2011

Movie casting news

A couple of announcements about movie castings have come out recently.

First off Kusanagi Tsuyoshi will have a part in the upcoming Japanese movie Suteki na Kanashibari. It doesn't mention what role he has but as the main cast has been announced it probably won't be big.

Tokyograph article.

Akanishi Jin is set to be in the Hollywood adaption of the 47 Ronin movie that will star Keanu Reeves. Jin will play the role of Oishi Chikara, which is one of the more prominent roles in the story.

Tokyograph article. (English)

I'm happy for Jin, as even if his music career doesn't go anywhere in the U.S. if he can get a good foot into movies he may still find success in the States after all. So I hope he does well and the movie as well as it could lead to bigger things for him.

15 April 2011

SMAP release digital single to help relief effort

It was announced that it has been decided that instead of a physical single release SMAP's upcoming single, which will be the theme song to the drama series Shiawase ni Narouyo, will be released digitally.

A big part of this change is that the CD manufacturing plants are having to slow down their production to save on electricity. So it was decided that this single, that is scheduled to be released on May 4th, will be digital only and will be a sold as a part of the Marching J project. For every full song version purchased of the song 100 yen will be donated to the relief effort.

Momoedgewood Blog. (English)

With the issue with CD production in Japan I think it's become quite understandable not only why releases have been pushed back but why not all have been rescheduled to be released in the same month anymore. I have the feeling that the more recent release dates may have actually been reshuffled because of this and that this will be an issue for a few months. This definitely goes far to explain why it would be much more likely to see a June CD debut for Kis-My-Ft2 now instead of the original May.

Also I think it should be interesting to see how this song does. This will be the first digital single SMAP has released and it has a rather big tie-in. I'm sure being a charity song will help as well and from the title it sounds like the kind of song that should be inspirational in a time like this. I kinda wish there would be a way for international fans to buy it.

10 April 2011

Kanjani8 to host 2011's NTV 24Hr TV

It has been announced that this year it will be Kanjani8 who will host the NTV 24Hr TV program. This will be the first time for the group to host the TV event which will air in August.

This year's program will inevitably focus on the March 11th earthquake, which the NTV 24Hr TV organization has already raised money for the relief effort for.

Momoedgewood article. (English)

I'm happy for Kanjani8 as I've felt they've been ready to host the program for at least the past couple of years.

06 April 2011

KAT-TUN new single and Tegomass concert DVD

Catching up now with recent release announcements.

KAT-TUN has a new single on the way to be release on May 18th, White. While it's a single A-side it has two tie-in songs, the title song and the B-side on all three editions, Perfect. There is one LE that has the usual PV for the A-side with making of. Then it's two REs this time, each coming with a different 2nd B-side song.

White [Regular Edition] / KAT-TUN

White [Regular Edition (First Press)] / KAT-TUN

White [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] / KAT-TUN

White [Set of limited and regular editions] / KAT-TUN

Then Tegomass will be releasing a concert DVD for their last concert tour, Tegomass no Ai. It comes in two editions with the only bonus for the LE is a 52-page booklet.

Tegomass 2nd Live Tegomass no Ai [Regular Edition] / Tegomass (Tegomasu)

Tegomass 2nd Live Tegomass no Ai [Limited Edition] / Tegomass (Tegomasu)

With the May singles that have been announced I'm personally wondering if Kis-My-Ft2 will be having a June CD debut instead. It seems too late for them to release on the first week of May and AKB48 have a single releasing on the only other week that doesn't have a Johnny's single being released. I'm sure Johnny's wants Kisumai to have a #1 debut single so I wouldn't be surprised to see that they wait until the next month to make sure they get that.

04 April 2011

Marching J's first 389,000 steps

Over the weekend Marching J launched their first event for the project. Just about every Johnny's was available to make an appearance over the three day gathering. According to the recorded numbers about 389,000 people came, though they did not count unique visitors (so if people came more than once they were counted each time). The amount of money raised has yet to be announced as well.

The event had talk sessions as well as a few live performances.

Tokyo Graph article. (English)

6 Gatsu no Bitter Orange upcoming play

I had to move over the weekend and the internet isn't up at the new place yet so updates will continue to be sparse overall as I now have to rely on public internet spots. I'll try to update as much as I can today with the news items I'm behind on, as I'll be at school and will have internet there between classes.

Kato Shigeaki and Joshima Shigeru will be starring in a play called 6 Gatsu no Bitter Orange. They will play brothers, with Joshima of course as the older brother and Shige as the younger.

The play will run the month of June in Tokyo then in Osaka for the first week of July.

Tokyo Graph article. (English)