28 August 2011

Quick personal update.

I'm sorry there have been no posts for so long. I am currently on a semi-vacation and I had thought I would have enough time to make posts but it just hasn't been the case. In early September I'll be able to return to making posts regularly again, and I know I have a lot to catch up on. Also there are a few ideas I've been mulling around to do for the days there is nothing new to report so hopefully I can get those started when I return as well.

So until then I'll be on hiatus. I hope everyone can enjoy the final days of summer.

13 August 2011

Everybody Go and love the poster

So my CDJapan order with the two versions of the Kis-My-Ft2 CDs I pre-ordered (and I think I may just pick up that third edition as well when I have the money to do so) came in today. As listed on the site I got a poster for each of the two CDs and when I inspected them they ended up being the same thing. That's okay though as I love the promo image they used (the CD cover of the Type 1 LE) and figure it would be nice to have an extra just in case something happens to the one that I plan to eventually frame and hang up.

Here's a picture of the poster for those who are curious. (Ignore the HSJ CDs, I just needed to keep it from rolling up.)

Also looking in the booklet of the RE and I'm glad every member gets a solo shot and there is a group photo that doesn't hide 4 of the 3 members. Though I do really wonder who picked out Miyata's T-shirt.

12 August 2011

Tegomass concert tour and new song

On Johnny's net there is information up about a new concert tour for Tegomass. The tour begins late October and ends late December.

Also Tegomass were at the Fireworks Festival 2011 and performed a new song there titled Hanabi.

Now this is speculation on my part but it looks like Tegomass will have a new release coming up soon. What it will be single/mini-album/album can be anyone's guess but with a concert tour it would make sense it would have to be something. And I expect to hear news about it when it's around the time Johnny's starts putting out solicitations for October.

It rather makes sense to have Tegomass active near the end of the year as that's when Kanjani8 usually have their concert tours so NEWS can't really be active as a group during that time. As a NEWS fan though I can't help but wish there was a group CD release this year but it just doesn't look like it'll happen. All I can do is hope that Johnny's has figured that the best way to deal with the issue of NEWS is to have Tegomass and/or Yamapi active during this time of year and wait for another time in the year to do something with the full group. That and hope that my worst fears aren't going to be realized next year and have NEWS breakup and just have Tegomass and Yamapi continue on as a duo and a soloist.

10 August 2011

Kis-My-Ft2 are officially debuted!

It feels so great to be able to type that. It feels even better going to Johnny's net and seeing that Kis-My-Ft2 is no longer under Johnny's Juniors and have their own section on the website. I feel like I've been waiting forever for that update.

On Sunday I received my e-mail from CDJapan that my order with the debut single had been shipped out so I'm waiting for it to come it. I can't wait to hold it in my hands as proof as this moment I had been hoping for is indeed real.

Congrats Kis-My-Ft2 on your debut!! I wish you the best of success and I plan on supporting you to the end.

Johnny's net's Kis-My-Ft2 section. (Japanese)

Kamenashi becomes a monster.

Kamenashi Kazuya will be starring in an upcoming drama titled, Yokai Ningen Bem. The drama revolves around three yokai (demons) that fight other demons to protect humans. Kamenashi will be playing the yokai Bem, who is the leader of the group.

The drama will air on NTV in October.

Tokyo Graph article. (English)

I guess this means KAT-TUN will most likely have another single before the end of the year. Though that will probably work out fine as it means they can release an album in winter and have their next concert tour early 2012. Though I do wonder what's happened to the fan events they were going to have this year.

08 August 2011

Hey! Say! JUMP has Magic Power

In better news for Hey! Say! JUMP fans there's a new single that will come out September 21st. The title track will be Magic Power, the theme song for the Japanese release of The Smurfs movie, and it will come in three editions. The regular edition has three B-side tracks as well as the karaoke tracks for all the songs on that CD that will not be on the LEs. The Type 1 LE will have a Hey! Say! BEST song as the B-side as well as a DVD with the PV and making of. The Type 2 LE will have a Hey! Say! 7 song and a DVD with about 30 minutes of concert footage from their 2011 spring concert.

Magic Power [Regular Edition] / Hey! Say! JUMP

Magic Power [w/ DVD, Limited Edition Type 1] / Hey! Say! JUMP

Magic Power [w/ DVD, Limited Edition Type 2] / Hey! Say! JUMP

Honestly I liked what I heard of Magic Power so far, it is a bit of a departure from their more recent A-sides but isn't out of line of their songs like Romeo & Juliet and Aiing -Aishiteru-. And we're getting quite a few songs with this single, four new group songs and two unit songs that will finally be getting CD versions, HSB's School Days and HS7's Get!!. The only downside to it is that it marks the first nine member release for the group and I honestly can't help but think it won't be the last.

I am rather curious about the concert footage. I can't help but think it's going to have Ryutaro edited out of it as much as possible. It also makes me wonder if they were planning of releasing it as a concert DVD but after the scandal had to scrap those plans. But I guess that's all just speculation on my part and we'll have to see the footage ourselves to see what it'll actually be.

Morimoto Ryutaro status update

As expected there's finally a bit of news about Morimoto Ryutaro now that things have settled a bit more. Members of Johnny's Family Club are reporting that in the latest round of news sent out to them it addresses Ryutaro's status. It has a message that of course apologizes again for the scandal and the fact that Ryutaro is still on hiatus. What's most likely the most important bit in this message is that it says he's thinking about what he's doing and will start again from the beginning. This signifies that he is still with the agency at least but it's vague enough not to let on how he will return when his suspension is through.

Personally I don't think Ryutaro is coming back to Hey! Say! JUMP and we're going to have to get used to a nine member group. I say this based on the fact of what happened with Uchi Hiroki and his underage drinking scandal. Uchi was a popular member of both NEWS and Kanjani8 and while he's back as a Junior and still has a good deal of popularity, which can be seen with the concerts he's done and drama roles he's landed since then, he has not returned to either of his groups and at this time I think it's safe to say never will. Ryutaro does not share the kind of popularity Uchi has which is what makes it even harder to imagine him being returned to HSJ if the group manages to do fine without him.

Of course Johnny's hasn't said this outright though I'm sure they know this is how it'll end. So until at least a couple of years from now when the issue will probably have little to no effect on the group they're going to keep continue being vague on the matter and hope that people will start getting used to the new status quo even if they initially believe it to be a temporary thing.

Also, I plan on making a second entry today with happier news for HSJ fans as I actually had meant to make this entry last night but forgot about it.

06 August 2011

Tackey & Tsubasa 2011 concert tour

Johnny's net updated a few days ago with this information but Tackey & Tsubasa will be having a tour this year after all. It will start mid-September and go through early November.

One thing I could not help but notice is that all the venues listed look to be concert halls which kinda surprised me. I'm so used to arenas for these kinds of tours but I'm only kinda surprised because T&T really does seem to have declined in popularity quite a bit over the years and I guess something like this was bound to happen. Though at least they're still together and performing so it's no completely bleak.

Also on a side note TakiCHANel has gone through an overhaul with new features that are available or set to start in the future so make sure to check it out.

05 August 2011

SPs for Freeter and Kaibutsu-kun

A SP drama for the drama Fretter, Ie wo Kau has been announced. It will star the same actors, so Ninomiya Kazunari will be reprising his role, and will be a continuation of the series set a year after the end of the drama series.

The air date has not been announced but it is scheduled for some time in the fall of this year.

Tokyo Graph article. (English)

Kaibutsu-kun, which starts Ohno Satoshi, will also be getting a SP episode as well as the movie this year. The SP is set to be a prequel for the movie and while there is no set date for the SP it is assumed it will air before the movie comes out on November 26th.

Tokyo Graph article. (English)

03 August 2011

Domoto Tsuyoshi new single

Domoto Tsuyoshi will be releasing a new solo single this September on the 7th. It will come in three different versions, two LEs and one RE. The Type A LE comes with B-side tracks not on the other two versions as well as a photo and special packaging, the Type B has the karaoke track and the DVD with PV and recording studio footage while the RE has B-sides not on the other two editions. The title of the single is Niji no Uta and the A-side is the only song on all three editions.

Niji no Uta [Regular Edition] / Tsuyoshi Domoto

Niji no Uta [Limited Edition / Type A] / Tsuyoshi Domoto

Niji no Uta [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type B] / Tsuyoshi Domoto

01 August 2011

TOKIO -TOKIO Live Tour +PLUS+ & OVER 30's WORLD concert DVD release

So after years of waiting TOKIO is releasing a concert DVD of not only their most recent tour, TOKIO Live Tour +PLUS+, but also of the tour from the 2009 OVER 30's WORLD. And if you get the LE version of the DVD you can also get footage from their 2008 tour TOKIO SUMMER LIVE'08 SUGAR. It comes out on September 14th.

TOKIO Live Tour +Plus+ & Over 30's World (Title subject to change) [Regular Edition] / TOKIO

TOKIO Live Tour +Plus+ & Over 30's World (Title subject to change) [Limited Edition] / TOKIO

I think this is a great way to make up for taking so long to release any concert DVD for TOKIO since their switch to J-STORM, especially with the 2008 footage as that's still when they were with Universal. I can only hope that the next release will be an album and it will have an edition that makes the long wait worth it as well for the fans.