13 August 2011

Everybody Go and love the poster

So my CDJapan order with the two versions of the Kis-My-Ft2 CDs I pre-ordered (and I think I may just pick up that third edition as well when I have the money to do so) came in today. As listed on the site I got a poster for each of the two CDs and when I inspected them they ended up being the same thing. That's okay though as I love the promo image they used (the CD cover of the Type 1 LE) and figure it would be nice to have an extra just in case something happens to the one that I plan to eventually frame and hang up.

Here's a picture of the poster for those who are curious. (Ignore the HSJ CDs, I just needed to keep it from rolling up.)

Also looking in the booklet of the RE and I'm glad every member gets a solo shot and there is a group photo that doesn't hide 4 of the 3 members. Though I do really wonder who picked out Miyata's T-shirt.

I think it just might be actually a good thing he's stuck in the back when he's wearing that...


Chris said...

Wow, the poster looks so cool!! And LOL at Miyata´s shirt XD
Lucky you, your CD´s already arrived.Mine still haven´t yet T_T

I´m glad I ordered from CDJapan, I´m looking forward to have the poster too !

Jackie said...

I received my Regular Ed too today :)
And I got the same poster. I love it and I´m glad to have it!
Have you heard the B-side songs yet? I really like "Wakamono Tachi", which they performed on SC last week.
It feels really wonderful to have the first Kisumai CD in my hands ~

Rakiu_desu said...

I bought the three versions and now have three posters xDDDD
Don't know what to do with them xDDDD

Anonymous said...

Kis-my-ft2´s image looks really AWESOME !
Thanks for sharing~