28 August 2011

Quick personal update.

I'm sorry there have been no posts for so long. I am currently on a semi-vacation and I had thought I would have enough time to make posts but it just hasn't been the case. In early September I'll be able to return to making posts regularly again, and I know I have a lot to catch up on. Also there are a few ideas I've been mulling around to do for the days there is nothing new to report so hopefully I can get those started when I return as well.

So until then I'll be on hiatus. I hope everyone can enjoy the final days of summer.


Ani2 said...

Thanks for this update ! I´ve already thought that you must be busy, but it´s good that you tell us.
Hope to see you soon with updates!

Jackie said...

Well, I´m also often busy so I can understand your situation.
But I missed your posts and I´m looking forward to your comeback :))

Chris said...

Come back sooooon when you´ve time again!!!
We all miss you here

Misa said...

Hi ^^ Please enjoy your summer too and I´m happy that you will update in beginning of September again :D I´ll wait patiently for your new updates!