10 August 2011

Kamenashi becomes a monster.

Kamenashi Kazuya will be starring in an upcoming drama titled, Yokai Ningen Bem. The drama revolves around three yokai (demons) that fight other demons to protect humans. Kamenashi will be playing the yokai Bem, who is the leader of the group.

The drama will air on NTV in October.

Tokyo Graph article. (English)

I guess this means KAT-TUN will most likely have another single before the end of the year. Though that will probably work out fine as it means they can release an album in winter and have their next concert tour early 2012. Though I do wonder what's happened to the fan events they were going to have this year.


Ani2 said...

Oh "demon" drama ? It sounds interesting !
I´ll sure check this out since Kamenashi will be playing the lead role.

Jackie said...

I´mglad Kame is getting a drama again after a longer time.
His last drama was Yamato Nadeshiko, right? It´s time for a new one! And the drama seems to be different but exciting!!
I think so too, KAT-TUN will release a new single for the drama for sure, which I find good because KT is one of the few Johnnys groupss who release regularly.
Hoping for a tour next year too~

About the drama, do you know who will play the other demons?
Anyway, I´m looking forward to see this.

Thennary Nak said...

@ Ani2

It does sound interesting though I'm curious how they'll pull it off with the make-up.

@ Jackie

It has been a while since his last drama but I guess since his more recent ones haven't pulled in a lot of ratings I think it's understandable why they haven't given him more roles.

Well KAT-TUN has always had a tour tied with an album release since their debut so I figured that at best they could drag out releasing singles throughout most of the year until around early 2012 and it looks like I was right. They would be pushing things if they didn't have some kind of album release by then and of course had the usual concert tour follow up.

From the article is says one will be played by a model by the name of Anne and the third by the child actor Suzuki Fuku.