08 August 2011

Morimoto Ryutaro status update

As expected there's finally a bit of news about Morimoto Ryutaro now that things have settled a bit more. Members of Johnny's Family Club are reporting that in the latest round of news sent out to them it addresses Ryutaro's status. It has a message that of course apologizes again for the scandal and the fact that Ryutaro is still on hiatus. What's most likely the most important bit in this message is that it says he's thinking about what he's doing and will start again from the beginning. This signifies that he is still with the agency at least but it's vague enough not to let on how he will return when his suspension is through.

Personally I don't think Ryutaro is coming back to Hey! Say! JUMP and we're going to have to get used to a nine member group. I say this based on the fact of what happened with Uchi Hiroki and his underage drinking scandal. Uchi was a popular member of both NEWS and Kanjani8 and while he's back as a Junior and still has a good deal of popularity, which can be seen with the concerts he's done and drama roles he's landed since then, he has not returned to either of his groups and at this time I think it's safe to say never will. Ryutaro does not share the kind of popularity Uchi has which is what makes it even harder to imagine him being returned to HSJ if the group manages to do fine without him.

Of course Johnny's hasn't said this outright though I'm sure they know this is how it'll end. So until at least a couple of years from now when the issue will probably have little to no effect on the group they're going to keep continue being vague on the matter and hope that people will start getting used to the new status quo even if they initially believe it to be a temporary thing.

Also, I plan on making a second entry today with happier news for HSJ fans as I actually had meant to make this entry last night but forgot about it.


Chris said...

I´m glad about that "he will start from the beginning", at least he is not totally cut out but practically it means Junioractivity to me. I agree with you, I also don´t believe we´ll ever see Ryu back in Jump.
why should he when Uchi Hiroki and Kusano weren´t able to come back to their groups? Well, right, he´s also not that popular.
Only time will tell if or when we´ll see him again.

Ani2 said...

I wonder how Ryutaro feels. Does he want to start again, most probably as Junior or even as trainee? It´s really hard to fall from an already debuted group to a low status of a Jr. and then there´s no guarantee that he will ever debut again (personally I don´t think so because Ryutaro is not that special to me).
there´s also the fact that everyone know what happened to him. It might be really hard for him to do activities again. If I would be Ryutaro, I would feel embarrassed.
Yeah, no way he is coming back to HSJ.

Anonymous said...

I watched this Friday´s Shounen Club episode and his younger brother Shintaro came back, but I felt he didn´t get that much songs as before. Does it has to do something with Ryutaro case maybe?
Ihope that Johnnysan will still push him. I´m afraid that Johnny won´t handle him as a favoruite anymore.
(I´m saying this as a big Shintaro fan)

Misa said...

Ahhh, your post made be a bit relieved now !!!
I want him to come back to JUMP and not being a Junior >_<
But I´m fine with everything as long as I will see him somewhere again!!
Thanks for this post.

Thennary Nak said...

@ Chris

It'll be so strange to see HSJ with only nine members but I really don't see this ending any other way. But at least he'll get a second chance as a Junior.

@ Ani2

Well he could have quit but I think the fact he's staying on means he's willing to be demoted to do so. Though I think I can see him hanging around more for the sake of his brother than anything else.

The hiatus should help with that honestly as Uchi's scandal was worse and after disappearing for a while he was able to come back to working again without much trouble. With that said I wouldn't be surprised if the hiatus will last at least until the new year.

@ Anonymous

Recently I don't think Shintaro has gotten as many songs as he used to so I don't think it's a reason to worry. He did get a talk part after all in that episode. But I think it's more that they found new young Juniors to promote with their JaPAnese Hi! group as well as pushing Kis-My-Ft2 with their debut coming up so there's less screen time for everyone else.

What I did notice with him is that he didn't seem as energetic or cheerful as he usually is and I feel it's because the episodes were taped not long after the scandal broke. I felt so sorry for him.

I like Shintaro too and hope that his brother's actions won't reflect poorly on him and that he gets to debut himself in the end.

@ Misa

HSJ won't be the same without him but with idols image is everything and scandals like these are just so damaging for young idols like him.

Jackie said...

I just read Anonymous´comment and your reply regarding Shintaro.
I also felt like he was not as cheerful as before. I imagine he was feeling really uncomfortable because of his brother´s case and was a bit afraid how everyone would react on him (Shintaro).
I really can see some new Juniors to get pushed a lot now, like Sato Shori who totally catched my attention. I think he´s really great and imporved a lot!
But Shintaro is the same age as him and I worry a bit that Shintaro gets a bit more to the background. Shintaro has talent and I hope Johnnys won´t waste it.

I´ve read also some reports about Summary and I haven´t heard anything about a performance of Shintaro, or there may be one but he wasn´t the main anymore . Instead, Sato Shori seems to be the new little star. I feel bad for Shintaro but on the other side I´m happy of course for Shori who really impressed me in the SC episode.

As for Ryutaro, it´s also up to him what he wants do to with his life. If he wants to continue being in Johnnys, then it´s fine , if he wants to have a "normal"life, it´s okay too.
I want Ryutaro do the thing which makes him happy.

Thennary Nak said...

It's understandable that Shintaro

I think everyone noticed Sato Shori on SC this month. He is really showing signs of being perfect for the stage.

I think I can see Shintaro and Shori being like Nakajima Yuto and Yamada, in that Shintaro has been with Johnny's longer and got a lot of pushing when he was younger but ended up having a newer Junior show up and take his place. Though I do hope that they both debut, especially Shintaro as he has been with Johnny's for years and still has a lot of potential and is already pretty experienced being on stage.

It does seem strange that Shintaro isn't down to do much this summer and not being in SUMMARY, but honestly his relation to Ryutaro was always played up when he came to HSJ's concerts so maybe management feels that it may be better to keep him away from the associations for a while so it doesn't hurt his reputation in the long run. But like you I really hope Johnny's doesn't give up on him, especially since he wasn't really involved in the scandal.

Hisu-chan said...

My japanese friend went to SUMMARY and she told me that Shin-chan wasn´t even announced as "Morimoto Shintaro" , he was just there in the end with HipHop Jump , and that´s it.Almost no attention this year, while other Juniors like Kento, and the three new fresh Juniors catched the attention.
Poor boy, it must feel so bad to be treated suddenly like this.
He didn´t do anything wrong, always gave his best. Ít´s not his fault for Ryutaro´s mistake!
But it´s often like this in JE: one time you are the top favourite and suddenly, Johnny-san changed his mind and has an eye on other Juniors. Probably Johnny-san isn´t seeing something special in him anymore?? I hope Shin-chan won´t give up and continue to give his best !
I would become very sad if he won´t debut.
Johnny´s decisions often make me crazy!! I´m a Mis Snowman fan and this seperating of Sanada/Nozawa and the rest is just sooo annoying!
I hope this isn´t a sign that only Nozawa/Sanada have chances of a debut later.

Ryutaro, please don´t give up too!