31 March 2012

Kis-My-Ft2 - Fire Beat PV review

As promised in my earlier post here is my review for one of the album PVs off of Kis-My-Ft2's debut album. Decided to do Fire Beat first as it is the shortest and honestly there is not much to review.

I have always loved Fire Beat from the moment I first heard it when I was just discovering Kis-My-Ft2 for the first time. It is a great rock-ish tune with an ero-dance that really helped Kisumai stand out when compared to other Junior groups of their time. It really is no wonder why this is considered one of their signature songs and it is a complete crowd pleaser when they perform it live.

I am glad that they did not try to do much more than a standard dance PV for Fire Beat. I mean there really is noting beyond the guys dancing in front of a green screen with all the CGI added in later. But for this song it works well as Fire Beat is loved for the performance so without that it just would seem wrong.

Too hot to handle.
While I could go on again about the 3/4 split yet again I won't. Honestly it has gotten much better since the We never give up PV. I still wish the division was not as stark as it usually is but SHE! HER! HER!'s PV gave me hope that it will eventually change. So I will end my thoughts about it there for this review.

Tsk, Kitayama. That's not how you hold a guitar.
I know the flame guitar here is pretty corny, but I love corny things so I love it. And why the hell should they not go all out with the fire effects if they can.

Swish that hair!
Of course what is Fire Beat with the head rolls? Nothing, absolutely nothing, that is what. Again this song has been with the group for so long there would be pure rage from long time fans if they took out some of the most signature aspects of the performance.

Kis-My-Ft2 incites rock hard towers.
We have stone towers popping up in the background and honestly with a performance like Fire Beat I have to wonder if I am the only one that had their mind go directly to the gutter when they noticed that. It helps bring some intended humor to the PV.
Burn it with fire!

KiFt get solo shots with them playing with fire. And while I do think the CGI for the PV could use some work in certain parts they do well with effects like this.

Hot Potato eXtreme edition.
I like this segment where they throw a ball of fire to each other. It is a nice way to bring the whole group into things and it flows well with their moves.

Red Foot Watta!
s-My-2 get their own solo segments of doing a move highlighted by fire. I approve of this because s-My-2 solo shots, and they do look cool as they get to do some of the more impressive moves as capturing their faces does not seem to be as big as a priority as it is with KiFt.

Great heads of fire.
I really like the fire head spin, though it looks a bit weird that not all of them have it going on here. But still a nice effect to remind us that the CGI has increased the amount of fire effects it has going on now.

Tamamori is the Lord of the Rings.
And in the end everyone goes up in flames. Literally. Not sure if that was the most effective way to end the PV but it does stick with you afterwards to kudos for that.

Watching this end of the PV I finally figured out what Tamamori's position in the group is. He is the official eye candy of the group. He brings his looks and his ability to attract a wide range of fans to the group with them which is why he is always placed in positions to be seen in PVs even though he almost never has solo lines. And I honestly do not have an issue with this, as I know I am usually interested in a group because of the pretty ones, but in the end it is the more interesting personalities that win my heart so Tamamori does have a rather vital role for the group. Personally I do not think it is vital enough for the amount of screen time he gets, but it is still a way I can see used to justify being seen so much as the face of the group. 

I think the only thing that really disappointed me about the PV was the lack of the ground humping that is in the live performances of the song. Though I can understand why they could not fit it in with the solo shots. I guess that is just a move you have to go to a Kisumai concert to see from now on.

Overall a good PV for Fire Beat. Honestly there is not much I would do to change it, outside of maybe give s-My-2 outfits that match KiFt's. But that is tied to that complaint I have about this group in general since their debut.

30 March 2012

Announcement and RL tl;dr

Well it looks like I am probably going to go on another official hiatus. Though it could be possible that nothing changes with the current posting schedule as it is currently most everyday anyway. But I will be traveling on April 4th and 5th and I am not sure how my schedule is going to be when I reach my destination. But if anything I will do whatever I can to make sure the weekly PV reviews still go up on Wednesdays like usual.

I am just going to now mostly go on about personal things so if you do not want to get into that feel free to stop reading. I will be doing a PV review for one of the PVs on Kis-My-Ft2's album later tonight so check back in later for your dose of Johnny's goodness.

This trip is actually looking like the first leg of a move than anything else. My mother is having some trouble with her spine that is affecting the use of one of her legs and since I am currently unemployed I decided to volunteer to go to where she is living to help her out, as she is on her own with my dad working overseas. It was originally supposed to be for a short period of time but it quickly became something more permanent. I can get a bit of work there thanks to an uncle who is willing to help me out and give me a job and looking at things there just seems to be more employment opportunities in the area than where I currently am. And while I love living where I do and do not particularly care for the area I am moving to I know I have to make the grown-up choice in this matter and put having a dependable income before anything else.

Over the past week or so after these plans were finalized I have been thinking about a lot of things. And have come to the fact that I do not seem to have a real direction or goal at the moment. Sure there are things I want to do but without plans on how to do those things they really are not helping with keeping my life from going adrift.

When I was in school the goal was simple, graduate. After that I moved on to the 'get a job' goal but have learned the hard way that it is not as simple as that. Finding a job that I does not go against my principles and I can find satisfaction in is honestly what I am looking for and that is a bit harder. I would not think my standards are that high but I guess when you are looking for an entry level position there is not much selection when it comes to those willing to hire someone with little work experience.

I really wish I could make a living out of blogging as a few lucky people out there have. But I barely make enough to give me small change let alone cover bills. But I never did start blogging for profit and while making some money with it would be nice I see it as only a side benefit. I feel it is fulfilling enough to know someone is reading what I write and to get comments about it from time to time to continue on.

To think when I began this blog I was lucky to have anyone else but me view it and nowadays my Blogger stat counter says I get about 300-400 views a day is just astounding to me. To me all those people visiting this blog are amazing. It drives me to try to be a better blogger and to post more.

So if there is one thing not to worry about it is the future of this blog. I have been blogging here for over four years and I am looking forward to my fifth anniversary for Never Ending Music Power at the end of the year. And while I may be lost with the rest of my life NEMP gives me a focus and something that I can depend on as I know how to do this and I do not see my love for Japanese idols waning at any point soon.

If it changes anything about my interest in idols is that I want to focus on using that interest to do more than just be entertained. And what I mean by that is to push myself to stay up with my Japanese and push to learn more with my idol entertainment. Like making sure if I buy something it is something I can practice my Japanese with or make me want to study more so I can understand it. On this token I have decided that this means I want to switch out from collecting photos as my choice of Johnny's goods to other things, like pamphlets for instance. This seems like it might be a bit harder than originally thought as I put a lot of time and money in collecting the photos I have but I plan on slowly giving up the photos and diminish my collection to just a few that I really love. To do this I am having a quick sale for right before I have to leave next week. You can check it out my LJ for more information. 

I really cannot say if there will be more minor changes like this in the near future. Like I said this blog is something I feel I can do and have a plan for at least. So most of it will probably deal with parts of my life that I tend to keep private or for those I am closest to.

Thank you for anyone who took the time to read all of this. This will not be a common thing for me to go all personal on this blog but I felt I needed to get it all out and to share for any readers who might be interested with what is going on as it will be affecting the blog a bit.

29 March 2012

Forever Blue Sky - A look at Cielbleu's 1st CD

As I mentioned back with the introduction post for the Yamashita brothers they are currently in a group called Cielbleu. Well the group has released a CD/DVD single which I am happy to say that I am a proud owner of. And as a note before getting into things, from the signatures on the back of the CD Mizuno Shintaro romanizes his name as Sin (it should still be pronounced as 'Shin' though as し can be romanized as either 'shi' or 'si'), so that is what I will be calling him from here on out.

From left to right: Leon, Sean & Sin

The CD has three songs and the DVD is about a half hour of the boys doing their photo shoot, short interviews with each one, and then footage of some of the recording for the CD. 

Forever is the strongest track on the CD. I love that it has a driving beat as I am a sucker for songs with those. It has an interesting part at the start that sounds like the sound is cutting out but is actually just a transition to the beat coming in with the vocals. And speaking of vocals Sean is the lead vocals of all the songs, which I do not mind as I have always liked his voice. The song has a "rap" section but I cannot say who does it, other than most likely not Sean

I love that E!MOTION has some rock-pop elements to it. Though I do think out of all the tracks this one does sound the most like they were not using a real recording studio for these songs with how echo-y the voices sounded like. Though I guess that could just have been a deliberate choice they made but I do not care for the sound that much. Outside of that I enjoy it. It sounds like one of those songs you would usually hear being used as an anime theme, which is not a bad comparison. I like anime theme songs and this sounds like it would be a fun one to listen to.

2U is a slower song compared to the other two songs. And has these wonderful soft moments in it that I am love with. I think this song is the best with showing off the vocals of the group. I will not say they are the best vocals but they work for the songs and I think show promise if trained more. I do not think I would have thought Sean as someone who could a lead singer but with this release and a song like 2U it proves that he had the potential and thankfully he finally has the chance to prove it.

I find it interesting that Sean helps write the lyrics for all three songs and that Sin helps write the music for them all. Leon at least helps with lyrics for Forever which is just the two brothers listed as lyricists. I am sure when he gets more experience he may do more.

Sin/Mizuno Shintaro
I really knew very little about Sin before this but he seemed to be pretty likable. He seemed to be able to get along with the brothers just fine, though probably because of his age seemed to get along better with Sean as they are both in their 20s.

Yamashita Sean
Of course it is always great to see Sean's smiling face. I think I missed that the most during the interval between quitting Johnny's and appearing again regularly with this new career.

Yamashita Leon
And I am glad to see more of Leon as well, if just because he is still a bit shy so it is harder to get a good idea about him. But he seems much more open with this DVD, perhaps because it is all pretty informal and casual.

I thought the DVD was not only interesting because of the boys themselves but because you could see a lot of background things that usually gets hidden in other making of DVDs. Like the fact that the song recordings were not actually done in a sound stage at a recording studio but in a room that was made into a make shift recording studio. 

I think it really shows the difference between an idol group that is truly starting from the bottom of things and have to work themselves up to where ever they will go.

I am really glad I was able to get this CD/DVD, especially as its release is very limited so it really is not on sale for those who live outside of Japan to be able to get a hold of easily. I was lucky and a fan visiting Japan picked up a couple of extra of copies for others to purchase from them to help support the boys. So I am not only hoping that we will get more releases from Cielbleu in the future but also that they will be sold in stores next time so international fans will be able to buy copies easier.

Hey! Say! JUMP - Hitomi no Screen PV review

Quitting the debut theme, if mostly because I mainly have Hey! Say! JUMP PVs so I want to try to spread them out a bit.

Hitomi no Screen was a long awaited single for the group and it was a rather strong comeback. I rather like the song and with the previous single Mayonaka no Shadow Boy it was the start of the group heading away from the more cutesy songs and to something more mature. Which is something the PV does well to show with a cool image.

The cleanest dirt covered boys ever.
 From the first frame you can see that they were going for a serious atmosphere. Of course how serious you could take some of the boys, even with "dirt" smudged on them, probably varies by viewer. But the simplicity and lack of color help build on all that.

Yamada tries to make himself look older.
 By now Yamada Ryosuke was the definite center so no surprise he is the first to get a solo shot. But this song is the theme song for the drama he was starring in, Hidarime Tantei Eye, and that is something I will be getting to in a bit.

 The PV overall is pretty simple. It goes back and forth from the action scenes to either solo close up shots or group shots of the boys with this background. One of the nice things though is that you do not have to wait until the half way mark for members like Okamoto Keito or Inoo Kei to get their solo close up shot.

Not the most observant of swordsmen. 
 The fight scenes are the only thing close to giving this PV any kind of story line, which considering that there are no dance shots is rather needed. Though one would wonder why they chose to do a ten to one battle.

The white wind of evil.
 Bot of course the mystery swordsman they are fighting is no ordinary man. I can only guess he is either meant to be some kind of demon or magically/mystically empowered or something.

I spy with my little eye...
One thing I have liked about HSJ PVs is that if they have a tie-in they make a little nod to it in the PV. For Hitomi no Screen we get this close up of Yamada's eye, which is the same eye his character uses to see clues with in the drama, to view the enemy.

Why does Yuto look like he's wearing an evening gown here?
 While I like most of the black outfits in the PV the faux fur is highly questionable.

Daiki realizes that he's still the shortest member of the group.
Not sure how they decided what members would be in which group for this PV, outside to the few sub-unit group shots. But it is nice to see a good array of group members get decent screen time, especially looking back at these PVs after the more current Yamada heavy PVs.

CHARGE!!                                         RUN AWAY!!
 And we finally get the boys starting the assault after posing for about half of the video.

Why do they hide him in the back?
 I rather like these shots, I do not think any of the boys manage to look bad in these, outside of some of the more unfortunate outfits.

Looking cool since Hey! Say!
 And of course it is not a HSJ PV review from me without a gratuitous Takaki Yuya screen shot. I'm just a little shallow like that.

The empty air never say it coming.
 The actual sword battle is fun to watch. Not the most extensively choreographed of sword fights but it does well to use everyone and the boys do well to pull of what they need to do.

Samurai boy.
 Of course since this is Yamada's tie-in he gets the coolest of shots. Not to mention the lion's share of the solo shots, but again, his tie-in so it makes sense.

Probably should have had a wizard in their party.
 I do like that he actually does not instantly defeat the enemy after everyone had their turn. I think that would have been a bit too much.

Plz do not be groping the defeated Yamada, Daiki.
Not to mention it helps strengthen the idea that HSJ is a group together. I really like how Yamada falls back to them as they wait for their next shot.

Everybody charge, except for Yamada who just needs to not trip.
Regrouped everyone makes another charge, in slow-mo of course to make it all seem the more dramatic. It looks nice either way, IMHO.

No one does moody stares like Johnny's do.
Then it all ends as it begins, so one can only assume they won in the end after uniting and all that. Either that or they are standing around looking cool despite being beaten by the phantom man.

Even though the PV does not offer too much with what is going on, it does have an easy to understand plot and I love the cinematography for it. Not only that but all the boys managed to look cool, even though all of Hey! Say! 7 are still well in the cute-zone for me. While the PV is Yamada heavy I think it also does a good job of making sure all the other members get their little moments which I appreciate.

28 March 2012

Tamamori Yuta the Shrink

Tamamori Yuta will be joining the regular cast of Nakai Masahiro's TBS mystery drama, ATARU. Tamamori will be playing the younger brother of Nakai's character, who is studying psychiatry at a university. The drama will begin airingon April 15th.

Tokyograph article. (English)

Not surprised to see Tamamori in another drama, let alone a SMAP drama. But it looks like this season will be another Johnny's heavy season and I do not believe all the dramas are done announcing their full casts. So it should be interesting to see what other Johnny's will be in dramas this Spring season.

26 March 2012

Run! Shori! Run!

It has been announced that Sato Shori will be running the Ford Island Bridge Run 10K in Hawaii on April 7th. The rest of Sexy Zone will  be there as well to cheer him on.

This was decided after Johnny Kitagawa saw Shori place first in the marathon on Johnny's Jr. Baseball Tournament earlier in the month.

Tokyohive article. (English)

I wish him the best of luck. I have known people who have run marathons and they usually train months in advance so I hope Shori will be up for it. But I guess as long as he gives it his best effort and does not over do it he should have nothing to be ashamed of no matter how long it takes him to finish. And at least he will have his group mates there to cheer him on.

If anything at least the group gets a bit of a vacation, and in Hawaii no less, and I expect that we will get a photo shoot out of this as well for the group.

25 March 2012

Koyashige get a TV show

Koyama Keiichiro and Kato Shigeoka are getting a regular TV program starting on April 6th called Mirai Theater. It will air on NTV and they will co-host it with Hatori Shinichi.

The show will a documentary type show that focuses on people who try to change the world without fearing failure or criticism.

J-pop Asia article. (English)

I do admit to be really excited about this news. Even though it is not the news I really want to hear in relation to these two (seriously, when is NEWS going to make their comeback?) it is still great news. If anything it means that Koyashige will have something to do on a regular basis together. And since the first episode of the program will be about the changes with NEWS, hopefully there might be some news about where exactly the group stands for now.

Hey! Say! JUMP aim for a World Record

Hey! Say! JUMP are getting a musical this year and it is being aimed to break a Guinness World Record for largest cast. the cast will be about 100 members large and will comprise of Hey! Say! JUMP, rotating members of Kis-My-Ft2, Sexy Zone, A.B.C-Z, Domoto Koichi, Takizawa Hideaki, Kamenashi Kazuya and the Juniors.

The musical is scheduled for November and December this year at the Tokyo Imperial Theater. And Johnny Kitagawa has plans to eventually bring the musical overseas but for now wants to concentrate on its production in Japan.

Momoedgewood blog (English)

For some time I had wondered if HSJ would get a musical eventually. For some reason it just felt like they would be the next group to get a regular musical to do, mostly in part because it would give some of the members that do not get a lot of the spotlight a chance to shine and do something. Of course it does not look like that will happen, or at least not with this initial production. Though if the musical sticks around for a while I can see it becoming something like Dreamboys and it will rotate what members of the group perform each year. But only time will tell what will happen with this.

I am not sure what to think about a Johnny's musical being brought overseas. I am not sure how something like a Johnny's musical would do in a non-Japanese market, but if they do bring such a large and varied cast they do have a good chance for success if only from fans just wanting to see their favorites live no matter what.

22 March 2012

The theory of replacement groups

While searching for information for my History of Johnny’s every once in a while I come across something not exactly related to what I’m researching but is interesting none the less. One such thing was a blog entry that proposes that Johnny’s creates new groups based on two different models, a Junior group becomes popular enough or to replace a group that has either broken up or in more recent cases are no longer featured as a group in the idol magazines because a member has passed the 30 years old mark. Of course there are a few that fall in either but when you look at most Johnny’s groups they fit these two models.
The popular as a Junior route has pretty much started when Juniors began to appear more and more on TV programs. Kondo Masahiko is one of the earlier examples of this as well as groups like Shounentai, Kinki Kids, KAT-TUN, Kis-My-Ft2 and even A.B.C-Z fall into this.

Replacement can probably be traced back to the very start of Johnny’s when the original group for the agency, Johnny’s, broke up to be replaced by another four member group Four Leaves. Looking at groups that are still active there are some interesting things to note to back up this theory that Johnny’s creates new groups to replace old ones. V6 is a good example as they debuted the year Hikaru Genji finally came to its complete end with Hikaru Genji Super 5 disbanding. Hikaru Genji was known for the age gap for its members and having two sub units in the group and V6 debuted with an age gap and having two sub units. When Otokogumi officially disbanded TOKIO was debuted the same year, filling the role of the band group.

This replacement can even be seen recently as well with Sexy Zone being a five member group debuting only about a year after Arashi stopped being featured in the idol magazines. Whether or not SZ will ever be able to achieve something close to the level of success Arashi has remains to be seen, but there is a feeling that Johnny’s is trying to see if another smaller group will be able to be as successful after trying out larger groups for a while.

Of course not all groups are created in this manner and just because one kind of group is no longer in the magazines means another will definitely fill their place. The fact that TOKIO has been the last band group to debut is a good example of this. But that can probably be chalked up to the fact that TOKIO has not had the success that other groups have had, even though they have had their share of hits and are popular on variety shows. And because of that I do not think we will be seeing a new duo being debuted any time in the near future even though Tackey & Tsubasa graduated from the magazines this year.

I would say the next replacement group would be a new Kansai group about a year or so once Kanjani8 graduate from the magazines. As K8 has definitely proven to be a successful group despite starting far from the top and their popularity seems pretty securely in place. So I am sure Johnny’s will try to see if they cannot find that kind of success with a new Kansai group.

I honestly think this is a pretty valid theory though it be interesting to see if I am right on predicting a Kansai group debut in the next couple of years basing it on this.

NYC boys - NYC PV review

Going on with the theme of debut PVs tied to volleyball events, today it is NYC boys' NYC PV.

Even though I enjoy NYC for the most part (Wonderful Cupid though will always be a black spot for me with them though) I do wish they stayed as NYC boys instead. Even though the members of B.I. Shadow lived up to their name (Boys In Shadow) with NYC boys, it was still nice to see them there as they were some of my favorite Juniors and having more members that were not members of another group in the group made more sense to me. But that is all water under the bridge as far as things go these anyway I guess.

I do enjoy this song and I think it is one of the better songs NYC is attached to. I rather wish they kept singing these kinds of songs as it is fun and energetic, two things I connect to the younger junior groups. Of course the English makes little sense, especially with them being New York City boys when there is no real connection between the group and the city outside of the fact Nakayama Yuma's, Yamada Ryosuke's and Chinen Yuri's initials of their last names are the same initials of the city name. But it is Johnny's so common sense does not rank very high with group names.

Dancing, or still practicing his pitch from Battery?
We start off with solo shots of NYC dancing. I rather like the street clothes of the boys in the PV, and I guess we should be thankful the group is not that big so the more questionable outfits sometimes seen in Pvs were not present.

The original 3/4 split group.
We get the first group shot and egads, that is a lot of yellow being all glaring. One could argue they were trying to have all the primary colors covered with the red and yellow for outfits and the blue lighting/stage, but I do not think there should be any outfit with that much yellow. Yellow is just one of those colors that is hard to take a lot of, IMHO. And what is sad is that B.I. Shadow were stuck with those outfits for some time for their performances.

Rule of Johnny's 56: Make sure everyone is wearing something worse than your front boys/men.
 I like the NYC outfits much more, even with the typical Johnny's skirt with Yuma and Yamada wearing a dead bird around his shoulders. Chinen easily has the most stylish outfit but it would not be Johnny's without those other two.

Someone forgot to tell Nakaken the funky chicken was dropped from the choreography. 
 Love that even though they are pretty much back dancers B.I. Shadow do have these scenes together. I really like their outfits here. Not a fan of the blur line at the bottom but that will be a minor quibble.

Sorry Yamada fangirls, I can't get past the cute.
 Of course NYC all get rather frequent solo close up shots throughout the PV. But who can be surprised about that? But they are all looking rather nice and reminds me why I have Yamada and Chinen stuck being cute-zoned for me.

The always awesome, Nakaken.
I was glad to see that B.I. Shadow did not get shafted for this PV when it came to screen time. I think the Kis-My-Ft2 PV directors could take some notes from this PV about how to do a decent 3/4 split.

And as weird as it sounds but I am surprised with how young Nakajima Kento looks. It is not like he was one of those Juniors that looks much different from when he joined but there is still enough of a difference to notice. I am really glad he debuted as he has always had the knack for being able to light up any stage he is on.

Looks like he's ready to bolt for the exit as soon as he can.
Oh, Koichi Yugo. So awkward and non-Johnny's like still, but always cute. Though much of that awkwardness is hidden in this PV. But I am really glad he is still a Junior as I think he still has potential, he just needs more time than someone like Nakaken. He has just come such a long way since these days.

With all the adorableness of puppies and kitties. 
I do not think I will ever be able to see Chinen as anything but that little fourteen year old he once was. Even if he has grown since then he just has that baby face I do not see him ever out growing. So he will be forever cute-zoned for me.

You know it's cheap when the Juniors only have T-shirts for their outfits.
I guess I should actually say something about the PV, but honestly there is not much to say. It is very simple and probably the cheapest volleyball PV yet. It is basically the one set that is used in all the scenes and a dance. If anything sells this it is basically if you are a fan of the members of the group and the energy of the boys.

Yamada seems too into this move.
 At least it has the weird dance moves that are in all Johnny's dances. Though I wonder how much they all practiced before the PV as there is a great lack of dancing in sync going on throughout the PV, especially all those back Juniors.

Why so terrified Yuma?
 The gathering around Yamada for the "kiss" line in the song is kinda goofy but at least it gives them something simple they can do to add some variety into the performance.

What are you doing Hokuto?
 This is a cute scene with the boys running up the stairs of the set. They all look so happy and fall right into cute boys doing cute things territory for me.

NYC boys have become masters of hiding.
And suddenly the Juniors are there with them up there. This is another good PV to play spot-the-Junior in, though maybe a bit harder to do with the shear number of Juniors and how rare it is for them to get enough focus to see a face clearly.

Westside, representing!
And I am going to be a little bit biased here with Yuma. He is my favorite from the group and it amazes me that he is the youngest member of NYC when he looks the oldest even back in 2009. He is clearly a star in the making, IMHO, and I hope Johnny's figures out what they will do with him now that he is 18 and out of high school.

Yamada, cooler than all of you.
 Honestly I rather like these solo shots of the NYC boys. With a PV like this I think the best thing to do to keep it from feeling like it is dragging is to give it all the cuts this one does. As an energetic song like NYC should have a PV that at least looks as energetic.

Yuma has such a swish-y outfit.
 One thing good about the NYC portion of the group is that they do make it rather equal for who gets screen time, solo lines and so on. If only Hey! Say! JUMP could be that equal with their lead singers in their songs.

A.B.C-Z aren't the only ones that can do back flips. 
Sometimes it is easy to forget that Chinen has a gymnastic background. I miss him doing all the spins and acrobatics from the early days, though I guess he pulls some of it out for concerts. but even then it seems to be becoming a rarity.

Fight for the right to wear sparkly costumes with skirts and feathers!
Like how they end up with a little army of Juniors to lead. Though they look very off center there on that top level on the stage, but that is probably from the fact that they are still actually dancing there.

Jumping to my dreams~ ... Wait, wrong song.
 I like the jumping part, though I kept worrying about how they were landing without hurting themselves. I can only assume they had a cushion pad or something off screen for that.

Adorable karate boy.
Now Matsumuta Hokuto has definitely grown quite a bit since this. But still cute, though I am unsure if I like his hair this long or shorter as he has had it since.

 What can I say but Kikuchi Fuma is also just cute in this PV. I think it helps that he is not trying to make his "sexy" face which just looks awkward. He needs to grow a bit more before trying to pull that off.

Zooming out would be nice here.
Do not care much for the end pose if just for the fact the camera does not try to capture the full thing which makes it look weird with Yuma, Chinen and Yugo getting cut off at the bottom.

Overall I like the PV, though it is mainly because I like the members of the group. Otherwise not much happens but at least the boys look as energetic as possible which helps brings out the energy of the song. And it has the plus that while B.I. Shadow are far from the ones getting the main focus in the PV they still get some.

It is a bit sad to see BIS together as there is no way they will be doing that any time in the near future. The only chance would be for Yugo and Hokuto to debut in another group and at some concert that will have them all together for years down the road. But as they are all at least still in Johnny's there can be some hope for that, and I really would like to see the other two debut.