17 March 2012

Kis-My-Ft2 - SHE! HER! HER! PV review

Honestly after Kis-My-Ft2's PV for We never give up! I did not have high hopes for SHE! HER! HER! and boy was I completely taken aback when I watched it the first time. It has to be one of my all time favorite PVs from Johnny's and easily my favorite Kisumai PV by a long mile. It has everything I love about Johnny's in it and looks fantastic. 

And as a warning I went screen cap happy with this so it may take some time to load for slow connections.

I guess to touch on about the song itself, I actually really like it. I did not like as much when I first heard it but the more I listen to it the more I like it. And it is a big plus that it does not sound like Kisumai's previous two singles. I hope this kind of music will be Kisumai's direction as a group as I think it is a song that fits well with their pre-debut songs like Firebeat, Tension and Hair.

Creepy mask is creepy.
 The opening makes me think of a late 90s/early 00s visual kei kind of opening for a PV. So I really did not know what to expect from this PV and had no idea of what wonders lay ahead.

Kis-My-Ft2 will light the way.
 We then get mysterious cloaked people in a creepy looking jail. I do like the sci-fi graphics and just the looks of everything overall as they build that creepy atmosphere of this portion of the PV. As well as the use of lighting here to center on the robed figures to give that visual cue that they are the heroes of the PV. And from how everything looks you can tell Kisumai, like KAT-TUN, actually get a decent budget for their PVs unlike other Johnny's groups.

Bad breath is truly a crime.
 I love how simple yet how creepy the prisoners look from simple lighting and color effects. And the chanting they do with the ugly clouds coming out of their mouths really help build on the atmosphere.

Behold the power of gum.
 Probably one of the most inspired parts of the PV is the fact that they work gum into it, since the song is for a gum commercial after all. And I think it helps set up how much fun this PV will actually be as a stick of gum makes the prisoners cower at it.

I would chew gum if I could have sparkly breath too.
 Which gets reinforced quickly as the song actually starts and we get sparkle breath.

The whole room sparkles with them, take that sparkly vampires!
 Then not only do we get Kisumai throwing robes off to reveal pretty white suits but they are also on roller skates. And I will repeat again how much I like the lighting as it changes to shine on the group and works so well with the sparkles.

Spread the sparkles!
 Since I am a klutz I will always admire Kisumai for being able to skate without constantly falling on their butts. Especially when they have to do so much in unison, or close to it.

Blowing a kiss to men it tots manly.
 The screen cap here makes Kitayama Hiromitsu look demonic but it looks much better in action.

Kitayama has gotten into the mood of the PV early.
 And I confess this screen cap is mainly because Kitayama looks so cute here. But by this point I think it is clear there is nothing serious in this PV and to just enjoy the pretty boys.

Flower ... pretty.
 Speaking of which Fujigaya Taisuke then gets a solo scene where he can look serious and hot. I honestly like that he has finally changed his hairstyle as I think it suits him well.

Why picks flowers or boys when you can have both?
 And then suddenly there is Tamamori Yuta and he brings in the fanservice. I am certain there is already fanfic out there about this scene or will be shortly.

Ignore the man in the gas mask.
 I think what I love about these solo scenes is the fact that you really would not expect what is in the background to be there in your usual boy band PV.

Can we kiss the bar together?
 Though having Tamamori suddenly appear in them amuses me. Especially with how intently he looks at Kitayama throughout it. Because we know there is never too much fanservice for fans.

Cleaning the air with invisible cleaning rags.
 Love the dance if just because some of the moves just stand out if just in the "what are the doing?" kind of way.

It's science!
 It took me a few watches to realize that they were on roller skates for this scene. I am not sure why that makes me smile so much but it does.

Bad breath kills.
 Love how pouty Kitayama is here. In fact I would say he does the best throughout the PV with having exactly the right face for all the different scenes.

Giving a holler.
 I really want to see them do a live performance of this song to see if they will do this move as part of it.

Gum saves lives, it is proven fact.
 I will admit the fact that they do not have all the colors lined up perfectly with the members of the group does bug me a bit but I am willing to forgive it.

The magic of science.
 And I am so glad that they remembered that there are four other members of the group that they need to show from time to time.

Someone finally remembers that they are ALL stars.
 And this is about where I really start spazzing out as s-My-2 is actually up front in a PV. And not just for a fraction of a second.

Should they be worried that they are on their knees?
 Then they actually get a close up! And then it hits me that they are all wearing all white which means they look like they actually belong with the other three. So even if there is the 3/4 divide it is not nearly as bad as it has been with their first two singles. And this was pretty much all I wanted for this group as I know there will be some members that will get more promotion than others but as long as the other members are not completely shoved in the back and get little moments to shine I am fine with that and this PV finally gives s-My-2 those little moments.

Three's a crowd.
Love this part as the movement back and forth for it kinda makes it look like Kitayama and Tamamori are trying to block Fujigaya's face from view, and that amuses me.

Fujigaya's forbidden love.
 Love how they continue this research on roller skates theme. Though I do wonder what Fujigaya is doing to that dummy.

No ladies man here.
Only three singles in and Kisumai actually get a real woman in a PV. Though I do not think she will make any fan get too worked up.

That's rule 34 of the internet?!
 Love this screen shot, but it was hard to get as the scene flashes by so quickly.

Lady don't play that game.
 Love this woman. Her part is small but she owns it.

Nikaido just so happy that people will see his face in this PV.
 And again so much love with how the scenes are done in this PV as it gives the back four chances to be seen clearly for a change.

Tamamori having thoughts.
 In fact with s-My-2 actually getting some screen time I have no problem that KiFt gets more screen time and solo shots. Especially when not only do they look good in them but sometimes have the greatest expressions in them.

Kisumai may need to work on the being in sync thing.
 As we continue on with the story we get more dancing that looks like it is comprised of silly walks.

 And they face a bad breath monster of exceptional character. But they do not fear.

Remember to chew.
 For they have gum. And I am sure there are fangirls wishing that they could be that gum.

 And the gum gives them the power of colored, sparkly breath they can use to fight the monster. Though it does annoy me that only three members have the right color but then again they do have two purples instead of a red so I am not going to get too worked up about it.

Breath Power!
 And they defeat the monster with their colorful breath. I love PV so much.

Because it's not quite Johnny's without a rainbow.
 Then suddenly there are rainbows and Kisumai is dancing on one. It makes no sense but that it fine, it has been too long since a Johnny's group has used the random rainbow in their PVs so it is nice to see it make a comeback.

Tamamori looks like a giant compared to the other two.
 At this point I have no issue at all with these three put together. In fact I like it as with the 3/4 done so much better in this PV it reminds me how lucky it is that there are three out of seven members that get rather evenly promoted. Just looking at a group like Hey! Say! JUMP that is usually one out of nine instead Kisumai's breakdown looks pretty damn good.

Trying to look sincere, except for Nikaido who can't seem to stop smiling.
 I still have yet to get over the fact that the other four are getting a good amount of screen time in this PV. We never give up!'s PV really made me think this would be impossible to see in the near future so I am so glad I am wrong. I just hope they continue to get the same amount of screen time in future PVs.

Welcoming their new rainbow overlords.
 And the magic of rainbows free the prisoners who are also cured of their bad breath and inability to take those masks off.

Yokoo has the cutest fangs.
 And if this PV could not be anymore wonderful for me, everyone gets their own close up.

 Though nothing tops off the fact that while everyone else gets to shoot out light from their mouths Miyata Toshiya does so through his nose. How awesome is it that a PV is showing what a lovable dork Miyata is.

Pelvi thrust + rainbows = Johnny's fangirl heaven.
 Love the body roll move of the dance. Because Kisumai is one group I have no problem with excepting their sexiness.

Letting the rainbow in.
 And we get random shot of cured "monster" and the salarymen.

What is Senga looking at?
 I am in shock as it is a scene with Fujigaya but Kitayama and Tamamori are nowhere to be seen. Go Miyata and Senga Kento! Look like you are part of the same group as Fujigaya!

Our heroes stand triumphant with the power of their gum.
And we get end group shot with all seven looking like they belong to the same group. And I am grinning from ear to ear because I have waited so long for this. On a side not though I like how in the background you can see the "monster" and salarymen there. It is a little thing but I find it is those little things that make something really feel like there was love and care put into something.

I love this PV. This PV, I love it. And in case you missed that, this PV is love. 

What I have always loved about Johnny's is how ridiculous they can be as honestly I find it strange when people take idols as serious business as to me. To me idols are about fun and bringing happiness to people through that fun and everything else is just bonus. And with this PV Kisumai is fun and brings me so much happiness watching them in this PV so to me it is idol perfection. 

And I love how it actually feels like either the director of the PV actually knew Kisumai or had Kisumai be apart of some of the ideas behind the PV as it really makes the PV stand out. Because honestly how else would we end up with Miyata shooting colored light out of his nose if the director did not understand that he was the biggest dork of them all and played up that image in the group.

It really makes me wish I could afford to by the LE version of the single so I could have this PV on DVD and I really want to see the making of for it. Though since I would be buying it only for the DVD, as I am getting the RE already, it has to go on the list of "Johnny's stuff I would buy with any money I make from this blog" which will mean unless visitors click on the ad use the affliate program it will probably be five or more years before I can do so. I think I just might hope that Avex releases a PV collection at some point and get it then, though that would probably be for their fifth anniversary so hey it coincides in the end.

But yea, this is me finding a PV that I just love to death and remembering why I love Johnny's so much


Ani2 said...

I loved reading your review because we don´t share the same opinion LOL
As for me, I watched it once and found everything so strange: the location, the people there and the relation to the song and just everything was kind of weird ^^;
So I´m admitting that I didn´t like the PV when I watched it but the more it´s interesting to see how people´s opinions can be different from each other. You enjoy the PV and love it and that´s great !!
I think it would be really sad if all fans wouldn´t like the PV as I do LOL
It´s just a matter of taste but I still enjoy listening to the song and the boys look handsome as always !

Thennary Nak said...

Well I love the weirdness, it is wha makes it interesting to me.

And I think it is a good song that I would come to like even without the PV with a few listens.

Jackie said...

Always thank you for your enjoyable PV reviews :)
I´m one of those persons who fell in love with the PV from the moment I saw it. I find it interesting and funny at the same time and not to forget, Kisumai themselves are gorgeous anyway.
I hope the single will sell well.

Thennary Nak said...

I have the feeling this PV will be one of the ones well remembered for the group years from now with just how much it stands out.

It seems to be selling well for a single being released the week before the album the A-side will be on. Of course it doesn't look like it will be up there with their other two singles but still looks like it will do well.

Anonymous said...

where can i watch the pv?