17 March 2012

Sexy Zone's Lady Diamond and new dramas

Well looks like I called it yesterday when I speculated that the title track for Sexy Zone's upcoming single will be the theme song for Real Scope Z. The title has been announced to be Lady Diamond though the other untitled track which will be the other B-side to the single is still untitled.

That is not the only SZ news that has come out either.

Nakajima Kento will have a new drama role in this upcoming drama season. He will be in the Fuji TV drama Kazoku no Uta and play a young boy who works at a curry restaurant but dreams of becoming a popular musician. The drama stars Odagiri Joe and will begin airing April 15th.

And Kikuchi Fuma will be making a return to the small screen in another drama. The drama is Mirai Nikki -Another:World- and he will be playing a college student who is the junior of the main character who is played by actor Okada Masaki.

Tokyohive article. (English)

Not really sure about the Lady Diamond name for a song for this group, as it does seem like Johnny's is not going to drop the idea that these boys are to represent the idea of "sexy". But I think I have come to the point where I am just ignoring the whole "sexy" theme for this group as I just cannot see something that is so adorable as sexy in anyway. Sure Nakaken and Fuma can pull off the sexy part but the other three are cute-zoned for me until they start closing in on 18 years old at least.

I think I feel happiest about seeing Nakaken and Fuma getting drama roles. While I am sure Johnny's really wants to push Sato Shori more as the face of the group these two are at the age that it would be much easier for them to get roles in dramas considering what the ages of characters in dramas typically are. So I see Nakaken and Fuma doing more acting than him for the next couple of years. Of course I do not think Shori is completely out of the running for getting drama roles, as if Johnny's wants to get him in something they will find a way. But for now I would rather see the older two get roles, especially Nakaken as acting seems to be quickly becoming his forte.


Ani2 said...

I heard next Shounenclub, we´ll get to see Lady Diamond and just watching at the title, I also think they´ll continue their "sexy" image.
It sounds really elegant to me and i imagine kind of black suits.
Well, hopefully they´ll not use the roses on their mics again .

I´m so happy for Nakaken and Fuma! I was already waiting for a drama for them.
I believe we´ll get to see Shori in more dramas soon, when he´ll get a bit older. It is simply as you say,there are not many roles for younger boys. I think Shori can be proud to have had the chance to play in Hungry !
But for now, I´m excited for the older boy´s dramas!

Thennary Nak said...

I also hope they ditch the roses, but I guess we have to wait until next month to see.

I'm happy for them too, especially since there was worry about how much Nakaken would work if he's in university.

I think Shori will be getting another acting role soon too. It's one of the best ways to promote their talent and if they made it work for Yamada I am sure they will find a way to make it work for Shori too.