25 March 2012

Koyashige get a TV show

Koyama Keiichiro and Kato Shigeoka are getting a regular TV program starting on April 6th called Mirai Theater. It will air on NTV and they will co-host it with Hatori Shinichi.

The show will a documentary type show that focuses on people who try to change the world without fearing failure or criticism.

J-pop Asia article. (English)

I do admit to be really excited about this news. Even though it is not the news I really want to hear in relation to these two (seriously, when is NEWS going to make their comeback?) it is still great news. If anything it means that Koyashige will have something to do on a regular basis together. And since the first episode of the program will be about the changes with NEWS, hopefully there might be some news about where exactly the group stands for now.

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