16 March 2012

Sexy Zone Variety

It has been announced that Sexy Zone will be regulars on a renewed variety program, Real Scope Z. The program will air on Fuji TV on Saturdays at 7PM and all five members are to be on the show. The program began airing in 2009 and focused on the theme of "social study field trips for adults". The adult hosts of the program will remain as SZ joins the program.

The first episode of the renewed program will air on April 7th with a 2 hour special.

Oricon Style article. (Japanese)

I guess it is the season for new shows and renewals so it should not be too surprising that SZ is venturing to expand their TV presence. This is a great thing for the group as with Japan the best way to gain popularity is to be on TV and this will help a lot for SZ in that regard.

It makes me wonder if the title track of their upcoming single will be the theme song for this program. It would make a lot of sense to me if that was the case and it would help with the promotion of the single to have it used like that.


Ani2 said...

It´s amazing that Sexy Zone get their first variety program that fast and at such a young age. I like this young group and I´m glad about this news. Johnny´s really are pushing them , it´s obvious.
I hope the show will appear in the net so I´ll be able to watch it ^^

Thennary Nak said...

It is not surprising as HSJ got their variety programs shortly after their debut as well. But it is a good sign that Johnny's believes in this group and is willing to promote them.