31 March 2012

Kis-My-Ft2 - Fire Beat PV review

As promised in my earlier post here is my review for one of the album PVs off of Kis-My-Ft2's debut album. Decided to do Fire Beat first as it is the shortest and honestly there is not much to review.

I have always loved Fire Beat from the moment I first heard it when I was just discovering Kis-My-Ft2 for the first time. It is a great rock-ish tune with an ero-dance that really helped Kisumai stand out when compared to other Junior groups of their time. It really is no wonder why this is considered one of their signature songs and it is a complete crowd pleaser when they perform it live.

I am glad that they did not try to do much more than a standard dance PV for Fire Beat. I mean there really is noting beyond the guys dancing in front of a green screen with all the CGI added in later. But for this song it works well as Fire Beat is loved for the performance so without that it just would seem wrong.

Too hot to handle.
While I could go on again about the 3/4 split yet again I won't. Honestly it has gotten much better since the We never give up PV. I still wish the division was not as stark as it usually is but SHE! HER! HER!'s PV gave me hope that it will eventually change. So I will end my thoughts about it there for this review.

Tsk, Kitayama. That's not how you hold a guitar.
I know the flame guitar here is pretty corny, but I love corny things so I love it. And why the hell should they not go all out with the fire effects if they can.

Swish that hair!
Of course what is Fire Beat with the head rolls? Nothing, absolutely nothing, that is what. Again this song has been with the group for so long there would be pure rage from long time fans if they took out some of the most signature aspects of the performance.

Kis-My-Ft2 incites rock hard towers.
We have stone towers popping up in the background and honestly with a performance like Fire Beat I have to wonder if I am the only one that had their mind go directly to the gutter when they noticed that. It helps bring some intended humor to the PV.
Burn it with fire!

KiFt get solo shots with them playing with fire. And while I do think the CGI for the PV could use some work in certain parts they do well with effects like this.

Hot Potato eXtreme edition.
I like this segment where they throw a ball of fire to each other. It is a nice way to bring the whole group into things and it flows well with their moves.

Red Foot Watta!
s-My-2 get their own solo segments of doing a move highlighted by fire. I approve of this because s-My-2 solo shots, and they do look cool as they get to do some of the more impressive moves as capturing their faces does not seem to be as big as a priority as it is with KiFt.

Great heads of fire.
I really like the fire head spin, though it looks a bit weird that not all of them have it going on here. But still a nice effect to remind us that the CGI has increased the amount of fire effects it has going on now.

Tamamori is the Lord of the Rings.
And in the end everyone goes up in flames. Literally. Not sure if that was the most effective way to end the PV but it does stick with you afterwards to kudos for that.

Watching this end of the PV I finally figured out what Tamamori's position in the group is. He is the official eye candy of the group. He brings his looks and his ability to attract a wide range of fans to the group with them which is why he is always placed in positions to be seen in PVs even though he almost never has solo lines. And I honestly do not have an issue with this, as I know I am usually interested in a group because of the pretty ones, but in the end it is the more interesting personalities that win my heart so Tamamori does have a rather vital role for the group. Personally I do not think it is vital enough for the amount of screen time he gets, but it is still a way I can see used to justify being seen so much as the face of the group. 

I think the only thing that really disappointed me about the PV was the lack of the ground humping that is in the live performances of the song. Though I can understand why they could not fit it in with the solo shots. I guess that is just a move you have to go to a Kisumai concert to see from now on.

Overall a good PV for Fire Beat. Honestly there is not much I would do to change it, outside of maybe give s-My-2 outfits that match KiFt's. But that is tied to that complaint I have about this group in general since their debut.

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