15 March 2012

GYM - Fever to Future PV review

After doing two FIVB debut PVs I figured I would continue on with the theme of volleyball PVs with one of the one shot debuts that was tied in to a volleyball theme song.

I rather like Fever to Future as a song even though I am not really a fan of the members of the group. In fact I will admit I do not know which of the brothers is Golf or Mike. But I like the song. It is simple but such an ear worm and it makes me happy to see it covered from time to time.

Yamapi wants to get high, I mean fly.
And we get another futuristic PV for a volleyball song. This one in a future city with flying cars and bikes and a lost and emo looking Yamashita Tomohisa.

Those windshields look largely ineffective.
And while Yamapi stands around Golf & Mike get to ride ugly and shiny CGI flying bikes. Because what else are you going to do in the future?

Is it sad that I'm more interested in the Juniors than GYM?
For the dance parts we get a volleyball court inspired stage. We also get a group of various chibi!Juniors for back dancers. Though I really do not understand why the Junior group that was attached to GYM, Kity, was not a part of the PV as they were a part of the volleyball support crew. But hey, can still have fun playing "recognize that Junior" with this. Like there's Yamada Ryosuke up front in the black and orange.

I really hope this isn't the future of fashion.
Oh Yamapi, what are you wearing on your head. Or perhaps the better question would be what are you wearing? The outfits for him in the PV are all quite hideous.

I think I prefer the afro he had in Koi no ABO.
Case and point. Though there are some props for the afro to make it all lol worthy.

Disco Fever! Yamapi
And of course these scenes are hilarious, but I can be easily amused with some things and the random disco theme of the PV is one of them.

I think he should have kept the afro.
 And Yamapi gets to sit around being emo on a random building.

Why is there a building of ancient rubble in a city of the future?
 Until his Thai friends show up to give him a key.

Stop, Yamapi. Your excitement is killing me here.
 That gives him his on overly shiny CGI bike to lead them with. As in Japan red=leader because sentai series say so, unless it is for girls and then you get pink for leader.

Something's missing here.
 These scenes seem so plain without the Juniors. But that just might be because of my lack of interest in these three.

A challenger appears!
 And then the PV does what no other volleyball PV has done, and has volleyball actually in it. Though I am side eyeing the fact that the opponent is black considering Japan does not have a great track record with non-Japanese races in media.

Yamapi fears no balls.
 Love how Golf & Mike actually get ready to play volleyball while Yamapi just stands there glaring at the ball with his dead fish eyes.

That has to be one dirty ball.
I guess it is supposed to show off how "cool" he is but honestly unless Golf or Mike gets that he just let the opponent score a point, which probably is not so cool. Though I guess they try to correct it to show the members of GYM hit a volleyball in front of CGI graphics.

Ryutaro... why did you have such poor judgement?
 And we get the return of the Juniors. I really wish I could recognize more of them, but sadly I feel most have gone on to be forgotten except for the couple of lucky ones that got to actually debut. Though there is one that even after debuting still did not have things turn out too well for him.

Yamapi being camera blocked.
 The song has some of the oddest dance moves, most dealing with hand gestures. But at least Golf & Mike get decent outfits for the PV, unlike poor Yamapi.

Nothing says the future like disco.
And they end in a classic disco pose. I kinda wish they had the disco suits and afros on for it for maximum effect.

Bye-bye. You'll probably not see most of us ever again.
And the little Juniors wave good-bye, which I like because hey, there's Yamada again near the front. And he is still just adorable and brings back all those memories of becoming his fan way back when he was just a cute kid.

I think this is probably the worst of the volleyball tie-in PVs, if just for the fact so little happens. But because I like the song and can catch those glimpses of Johnny's back when they were really young I do not mind watching it from time to time. Plus the afros and hideous costumes for Yamapi are pretty lol-tastic. But I think if you are not a fan of anyone in the PV you most likely will not care much for it.

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