25 March 2012

Hey! Say! JUMP aim for a World Record

Hey! Say! JUMP are getting a musical this year and it is being aimed to break a Guinness World Record for largest cast. the cast will be about 100 members large and will comprise of Hey! Say! JUMP, rotating members of Kis-My-Ft2, Sexy Zone, A.B.C-Z, Domoto Koichi, Takizawa Hideaki, Kamenashi Kazuya and the Juniors.

The musical is scheduled for November and December this year at the Tokyo Imperial Theater. And Johnny Kitagawa has plans to eventually bring the musical overseas but for now wants to concentrate on its production in Japan.

Momoedgewood blog (English)

For some time I had wondered if HSJ would get a musical eventually. For some reason it just felt like they would be the next group to get a regular musical to do, mostly in part because it would give some of the members that do not get a lot of the spotlight a chance to shine and do something. Of course it does not look like that will happen, or at least not with this initial production. Though if the musical sticks around for a while I can see it becoming something like Dreamboys and it will rotate what members of the group perform each year. But only time will tell what will happen with this.

I am not sure what to think about a Johnny's musical being brought overseas. I am not sure how something like a Johnny's musical would do in a non-Japanese market, but if they do bring such a large and varied cast they do have a good chance for success if only from fans just wanting to see their favorites live no matter what.


Karina said...

So is HSJ going to play the mainrole in this new production?
I realize how HSJ and the debuted units after them are becoming the new generation, even for stage plays, soon.
I would not be surprised if Yamada will get a big role and what about Nakayama? His name isn´t listed which surprises me.

Jackie said...

I could imagine that Johnnys are searching slowly for new butai leaders. Takki and Koichi especially have been doing this for many years already and are not getting younger too, so I think there must be some younger ones to take over in the next years.
Johnny´s new production will have lots of Juniors and groups like Jump or SZ and it might be a good chance to see if some of them show potential for appearing in butais.

Yuma seems to be one of those who probably will take over in the future and it´ll be interesting to see who else we´ll see leading a butai too.
But I must admit, not every young idol who is good in singing and acting is suitable for stage plays, so time will tell.

Jump are said to take the lead in ths stage play but even though Yuma´s name isn´t written on the list, I´m very sure he´ll appear there as well. Probably getting a big role too.
I´m very excited for this new production but only hope that there´ll be a DVD of it.

Thennary Nak said...

@ Karina

Yep, HSJ have the main roles in the production.

Well I think if Nakayama is sticking with doing the usual musicals he has been doing it might be too taxing with him to add another musical to his schedule with his school work as well.

@ Jackie

I see this as a way for Johnny's to find new butai leaders myself. I think they already are setting Nakayama to be one with how he is attached to Tackey's butai. And this would be a good proving ground for the younger generation.

Yuma seems like he might be too busy as he will most likely be doing Takizawa Kakumei and I think doing that with school may be too much if he also has this to do.

I hope there is a DVD of this. I would really love to see this musical but I do not think I would be able to afford to.