06 March 2012

Takaki Yuya to return to the small screen

Takaki Yuya will have a role in the upcoming Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou drama series. He will play an upper classman to Morimoto Shintaro's group as a student who is repeating his senior high school year for the second time. His role is listed as a guest role so it is not known if he will only be making an appearance in one episode or will be a reoccurring charter in the series.

Yahoo! Japan article. (Japanese)

With this announcement this drama has gone to "really want to watch" to "must watch" for me. Takaki's my favorite Hey! Say! JUMP member and I have been disappointed that he has not much of anything since Gokusen 3. He has the perfect image for this role and I do hope his character is a reoccurring one.

I can imagine him getting along just fine with the other Juniors as his mentality is for someone much younger than him, so I really look forward to the promotion for this drama to hear about how everyone gets along.

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