30 March 2012

Announcement and RL tl;dr

Well it looks like I am probably going to go on another official hiatus. Though it could be possible that nothing changes with the current posting schedule as it is currently most everyday anyway. But I will be traveling on April 4th and 5th and I am not sure how my schedule is going to be when I reach my destination. But if anything I will do whatever I can to make sure the weekly PV reviews still go up on Wednesdays like usual.

I am just going to now mostly go on about personal things so if you do not want to get into that feel free to stop reading. I will be doing a PV review for one of the PVs on Kis-My-Ft2's album later tonight so check back in later for your dose of Johnny's goodness.

This trip is actually looking like the first leg of a move than anything else. My mother is having some trouble with her spine that is affecting the use of one of her legs and since I am currently unemployed I decided to volunteer to go to where she is living to help her out, as she is on her own with my dad working overseas. It was originally supposed to be for a short period of time but it quickly became something more permanent. I can get a bit of work there thanks to an uncle who is willing to help me out and give me a job and looking at things there just seems to be more employment opportunities in the area than where I currently am. And while I love living where I do and do not particularly care for the area I am moving to I know I have to make the grown-up choice in this matter and put having a dependable income before anything else.

Over the past week or so after these plans were finalized I have been thinking about a lot of things. And have come to the fact that I do not seem to have a real direction or goal at the moment. Sure there are things I want to do but without plans on how to do those things they really are not helping with keeping my life from going adrift.

When I was in school the goal was simple, graduate. After that I moved on to the 'get a job' goal but have learned the hard way that it is not as simple as that. Finding a job that I does not go against my principles and I can find satisfaction in is honestly what I am looking for and that is a bit harder. I would not think my standards are that high but I guess when you are looking for an entry level position there is not much selection when it comes to those willing to hire someone with little work experience.

I really wish I could make a living out of blogging as a few lucky people out there have. But I barely make enough to give me small change let alone cover bills. But I never did start blogging for profit and while making some money with it would be nice I see it as only a side benefit. I feel it is fulfilling enough to know someone is reading what I write and to get comments about it from time to time to continue on.

To think when I began this blog I was lucky to have anyone else but me view it and nowadays my Blogger stat counter says I get about 300-400 views a day is just astounding to me. To me all those people visiting this blog are amazing. It drives me to try to be a better blogger and to post more.

So if there is one thing not to worry about it is the future of this blog. I have been blogging here for over four years and I am looking forward to my fifth anniversary for Never Ending Music Power at the end of the year. And while I may be lost with the rest of my life NEMP gives me a focus and something that I can depend on as I know how to do this and I do not see my love for Japanese idols waning at any point soon.

If it changes anything about my interest in idols is that I want to focus on using that interest to do more than just be entertained. And what I mean by that is to push myself to stay up with my Japanese and push to learn more with my idol entertainment. Like making sure if I buy something it is something I can practice my Japanese with or make me want to study more so I can understand it. On this token I have decided that this means I want to switch out from collecting photos as my choice of Johnny's goods to other things, like pamphlets for instance. This seems like it might be a bit harder than originally thought as I put a lot of time and money in collecting the photos I have but I plan on slowly giving up the photos and diminish my collection to just a few that I really love. To do this I am having a quick sale for right before I have to leave next week. You can check it out my LJ for more information. 

I really cannot say if there will be more minor changes like this in the near future. Like I said this blog is something I feel I can do and have a plan for at least. So most of it will probably deal with parts of my life that I tend to keep private or for those I am closest to.

Thank you for anyone who took the time to read all of this. This will not be a common thing for me to go all personal on this blog but I felt I needed to get it all out and to share for any readers who might be interested with what is going on as it will be affecting the blog a bit.

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