01 March 2012

NEWS - NEWS Nippon PV review

Starting off my PV review a week is the oldest PV I have, which is also the only NEWS PV to ever be released on DVD, NEWS Nippon.

Aliens are coming for the pretty boys.
 Well at least from the opening scene at least we are given a good idea of what to expect from the graphics. But I will give a little leeway that this is coming from 2003 so even bad CGI would be pricey and somewhat impressive.

Preparing for the alien invasion. 
 And we get our first look at the group through a filtered image of the alien space craft flying through space.

Masuda just wants to end it all. Kusano needs work on aiming.
I honestly do not get why they are doing this honeycomb thing if they can only fit seven of the nine members in them at a time. That and the washed out color effect they have going on does none of the members any favors.

Bestest buds from the start.
My favorite parts of this PV are of Kato Shigeaki, Koyama Keiichiro and Kusano Hironori together in this room. They may not do much but they look like they are having fun and I think it really shows that at least they are close.

Off to try to escape from the airlock. 
And spliced in with the early scenes we have shots of the various groupings leaving the main room, which I am assuming is to go suit up for the other scenes of the PV.

Because it isn't a Johnny's dance without cheesy hand gestures.
Everyone looks so young in this. And Yamashita Tomohisa actually looks like there is still some life left in his eyes and not completely tired. It is kinda amazing.

Smoldering dead fish eyes.
And really, whoever decided to come up with these shots should rethink the use of lipstick. There is nothing that will convince me that the guys are not wearing it as I cannot imagine how they could get their lips to have such a prominent color to them during these shots otherwise.

Ryo realizing that zero gravity won't help him grow.
The two Kansai boys get to be emo in space suits. Again it is so strange to see them so young. Though I'm pretty sure Nishikido Ryo isn't any taller now than he was back then.

No one knows the pain of a Massu in space.
Masuda Takahisa, Tegoshi Yuya and Moriuchi Takahiro get to "float" around in space suits, and look much too happy for people without oxygen hoses attached to their suits or anything to tether them to the space ship.

Space exercise has a lot more gravity than one would assume.
They really did not give them a big enough room to actually fit in, let alone dance in. Which is probably one reason why this PV is very dance-lite.

Amazed at the bad CG of the PV.
And this trio is honestly just the highlight of the PV for me. It makes me really sad that the group lost Kusano but from even then you could see what good friends Koyama and Shige were, so I'm really glad they're still together with the group.

Hasn't realized they forgot him out there yet.
And of course this being early NEWS we have adorable Tegoshi, who very much looks his age of fourteen.

The adorkable trio.
And another screen cap of this trio because I really could just watch the entire PV with just them in this tiny room and be happy. I think it really shows the difference between those in NEWS that were in groups together pre-debut and those who barely knew each other when it comes to chemistry.

NEWS, idols or aliens?
Still not digging the honeycombs, especially as they all look like they they all are wearing lipstick. And then you get the fact that it is impossible to get them all to look good at the same time.

Uchi sees the future and is unhappy with it.
And we get more emo Kansai boys. Though I do wonder where in the space ship they are supposed to be.

Yamapi, before the aliens got to him.
One of the few this I do like is how they have the compass symbol on the floor of the main room. It is probably the only part of the PV that makes sense as it ties into the group's name.

Shuffling is just like dancing right?
I could not help but notice that most of the dancing for this PV is the boys just kinda shuffling around for the most part. I guess it might have been because they lacked the time to put a routine together, or they did not think things through enough with making the set that they would need more room for them to actually be able to dance without running into each other.

NEWS, in spaaaace!
I really do not like this effect at all. Mainly because you cannot see the faces of anyone and the starry background really adds nothing to the scenes.

The aliens have their targets.
And of course it is not until the very end that they show that they could fit all nine members in the honeycomb, but of course it is still with the semi-transparent thing going on so it does not seem to matter at this point.

The mother ship heading home.
And the PV ends pretty much as it began.

Honestly I do not care too much for this PV, especially since I know NEWS has better, which makes it annoying that this is the only one that was released on DVD.

But I think as far as FIVB debut PVs go it is not so bad. Especially since there is a rather equal amount of screen time given to all members when it could have easily been simply Yamapi with back dancers.


Jackie said...

Thanks for the review!
I realize that I´ve never watched NEWS´s debut MV so I I will check it out now. Future-like debut PVs are so typical with Johnnys, I remember HSJ´s was in that style as well.
But I wonder why often future theme?!

Thennary Nak said...

Future themes do tend to get stuck on to the debut PVs for the FIVB groups. I'm not sure why but my guess would be because these groups are the new young groups that represent the future of Johnny's until the next one debuts.