29 February 2012

Johnny's Juniors and AKB KKS star in NTV drama

It has been announced that this spring NTV will be airing a new drama that will star Johnny's Juniors and members from AKB48's Team 4 and a KKS (the trainees for AKB48). The drama will begin airing on April 14th. The Juniors that will be in the drama are; Kyomoto Taiga, Tanaka Juri, Koichi Yuugo, Lewis Jesse, Matsumura Hokuto and Morimoto Shintaro.

EDIT: Have some new information. The drama will be titled Shiritsu Baka Rera Koukou and will be written by Akimoto Yasushi, the producer of AKB48. The drama is about two schools, a boys school known for its delinquents and a girls school known for its beautiful lady-like students, being merged together into one school. The leads will be Morimoto Shintaro and Shimada Haruka.

Newspaper image from Tokyo Graph's twitter announcement. (Japanese)
NTV website (Japanese)

From what I can gather from the news article, or at least the bits that can be read, it will be in a junior high school setting, which I would have guessed considering the ages of those starring. 

I am so excited for this drama. It is like Johnny's picked all my favorite Juniors for this. I'm not sure if I'm more excited that Shintaro is getting to act in another drama again, or that Yuugo and Hokuto are doing something together post-B.I. Shadow, or that finally Kyomoto, Juri and Jesse are getting to act in a drama. I think this is one of those cases that even if the drama is bad I would still watch it. But I hope it is good and that it will do well.

I cannot wait until they start promoting for the drama so I can see more of them. Though I do wonder what NTV is going to do about the theme song for the drama. I personally would have no issue with these Juniors getting grouped to sing something for it. But of course I would think AKS would want their girls to do something as well. So most likely it will not be a song from either group. But I will keep dreaming, if only because these six Juniors would be like a dream group for me.

EDIT: With the new info I have to saw I'm even more excited as this will be the first time Shintaro gets to be a lead in a drama. I was really worried about what would happen to him after his brother's scandal but it looks like Johnny's still believes in him and is willing to promote him and not just shuffle him into the background.


Ani2 said...

Wooow, what exciting news !!
I´m so happy right now but this news is so great, it almost feels too good to be true !
First of all, AKB members + Johnnys Jr members together in a drama. I know there have been AKB members acting together with Johnnys recently, but it´s still awesome and it was written by Aki P?! It looks like we´ll get more collaborations of that kind in the future.
I´m speechless, Johnnys chose all members I love!
So excited for that!!

Chris said...

This made my day! Totally surprised and excited :D
Just read japanese news sites and laughed at the "rule" both agencies came up with:
1. No love relationship between the girls and Jr´s
2. No exchange of email+mobile adresses
3. Going to bed early LOL

So happy for all boys who are able to act in a drama. I don´t care much about acting with AKB48 but I´m just happy that we get Jr´s in a drama. I was almost loosing hope in Shintaro, that he might end up somewhere in the back but now reading that he´ll play the leader makes me relieved.
It´s been a long time since he acted and I always thought he was talented , so yay for him.
Can´t believe this boy is just 14, he looks so mature for his age.
Hokuto and Shintaro fit perfect appearance-wise in that yankee theme. Their face and built is made for roles like that !
I wish Hagiya would be included too but I´m not comlaining. Very glad with the choice of boys.
It would be great if Johnnys would make a real unit with those members, they look perfect together.

Thennary Nak said...

@ Ani2

I honestly would not mind if there were more AKB and Johnny's collaborations. Though it is mainly because I would love to see Nakayama Yuma and his sister, Yamada Nana, do something together.

I'm really excited that they are all my favorite Juniors as well.

@ Chris

I believe those are the "school" rules but I would not be surprised if it is for the boys and girls in general as well. Dating scandals are a quick way to be let loose from their agencies.

It's great to see Shintaro start to move back into the lime light again. Hopefully this will be a start of him rising again, especially as he is a bit older now so he could do more for acting roles.

I think the only thing if I could change would be to include Hagiya. It is rather surprising that he was not included since he usually gets about the same amount of pushing as Juri and Jesse.

I rather hope they at least end up as a Junior group together. I think they would have the potential to be huge as a group over time.