01 February 2012

Kis-My-money good-bye.

Well Kis-My-Ft2's announced upcoming single and album have been announced and my wallet is weeping over the loss it will face when they come out at the end of March.

The first to be released will be the group's third single, titled She! Her! Her! on March 21st. Unlike previous singles this will only have two versions, an LE with only the title track and the DVD with the usual PV with making of. The RE will have a bonus track not on the LE or the album and the first press edition of it will come with a 16 page booklet & a mini poster (one of seven randomly selected).

Then the following week the real money drainer comes out, their first album, Kis-My-1st. This is going to come in three editions. That's right, the album will have more editions than the single. The type A LE will have the DVD which not only has interviews for each member but two PVs for the songs Firebeat and Inori. The type B LE comes with a bonus CD that is titled Kis-My-Zero and will feature seven songs from their Junior days. The songs that have been announced for this are: Firebeat, Inori, Good-bye Thank you, Endless Road & 3D Girl.

The single copies will come with a special ticket A and the copies of the album come with a special ticket B which I am sure you will need to have both for whatever Johnny's has planned to be the special promotion for the releases. But of course they have yet to announce what that will be.

I feel that my decision to not bother with buying DVD versions of Kisumai's releases helped save me quite a bit of grief. Unfortunately I still like having all the CD released tracks so I still ended up getting two versions of the album, but at least only one of the single. But I am quite glad to have some of their Junior songs in CD quality and I hope we get more down the line as well as there are definitely more than seven songs that I love of their's from their Junior days. That is of course not even getting into the solos. 


Natalie (DSQ) said...

Thanks for the post! it is times like this J&A did iTunes so I could just buy firebeat and be done with it lol!

I was wondering if you would consider doing a post on Johnny and dating? I've heard if junors get caught dating they get kick out but you alway hear rumors of the full members dating and nothing gets done about it (other than a pithy denial) and some guys are married!

I've tried googling about this to the best of my ability but I can't find any good info it other than this: http://www.japan-guide.com/forum/quereadisplay.html?0+39633

Is that acurate?

You are the best!!

Thennary Nak said...

I wish Johnny's would have their stuff released on iTunes, even if it was just the Japanese iTunes, I'd still be able to save so much money that way.

I could do that. It's a bit of a complicated issue as it seems to vary and there is little in the way of outright information about the issue but I'd be happy to give what I've noticed about the topic. I just need to find the free time to write it up and look up a few things.