24 February 2012


Got my copies of Hey! Say! JUMP's SUPER DELICATE single in the mail today so I decided to go ahead and do the PV review of the title track. The other two "PV"s will be done when I am doing my PV review project that looks like it will start next month as I only have one History of Johnny's entry to do before I am done with that.

But on to the PV review, which I had to stop myself from screencapping everything I wanted to because it would have made this entry much too long.

Johnny's seems to be in love with having title screens for their PVs of late, which is fine but I'm not sure if I like one on screen as the song begins.

Yamada wants to feast on your soul.
Of course everything starts off with Yamada Ryosuke, but at least this time around it can be contributed to the fact that he is starring in the drama that this song is the theme song of.

An eighteen-armed god(dess).
I do like how there is a lot of emphasis on the dance for this song, especially as they seem to be trying out just about every move that can be imagined to have a nine member group do that would look cool. And I have always felt that with as many members as HSJ has they need to find reasons to why they have that many to help shoot the haters down.

Walking his walk on the catwalk.
Not sure if the runway scenes really do anything for the PV, other than give a break from the dancing scenes, but I have little complaints about seeing the guys strut around. Also I love that the main members of this song/PV are Yamada and Nakajima Yuto. Since Yamada and Chinen Yuri are together with NYC it comes off as a bit redundant to have them be the usual mains for HSJ too, so it is nice to have a bit of a change up. And it is about time Nakajima came back into the spotlight now that he is well past the awkward teenage growth stage he was in a couple of years ago.

Johnny's attempt at cloning.
These scenes are pretty simple with the boys just standing and singing, but I think what stops them from being boring are the mirrors. I think the mirrors help give the eye something to look at across the entire screen so by the time it has it has been switched out to either another member or the next scene.

Maybe he can finally play high school roles in dramas.
Arioka Daiki remains the Hey! Say! BEST member with the most screen time. Which I am fine with as even though he will always remain short he is at least beginning to look his age now that his face has thinned.

And of course what is a HSJ dance without strange hand gestures? I think the worst thing about them is how much they cover up the guys' faces, especially with this one that does indeed call for them to put their hand in front of their faces.

Creative camera angle to avoid showing how much taller Nakajima is to Yamada and Chinen.
And just marveling at the fact that it is Nakajima their in the center and not Yamada or Chinen. I hope this remains after this single. If anything it would be nice to see the tallest as the center instead of the shortest like usual.

His hair is at least as bad as his outfits in this at least?
Oh Yaotome Hikaru. That hair just is not working, at all. The blond worked because of how out there it was but letting it darken to that light brown and then throwing some curls with it just is not working. Please be going to a darker hair color soon, and please no more curls ever.

To spare the short-trio's feelings they had the tall ones sit for this.
It is rather interesting to see how they split the group for mini group shots since going down to nine members. I would expect that they may have wanted to do it by sub-unit but instead it looks like it is done by popularity for this.

Keito doesn't want to let you go.
Hey, they finally remembered Okamoto Keito existed in this group. It only took them about half the PV to do so. But at least they do a much better job about remembering him from this point forward.

I would look just as unhappy if I had the amount of screen time he gets.
Unfortunately they do not do so well with Inoo Kei. While they remember him finally at the same time as Keito he only gets one more short close up for the rest of the PV. Hopefully once he graduates university he can do something other than be woefully ignored in PVs like this.

To cool for this PV.
I was good and only did one screen cap of Takaki Yuya, instead of the twenty I would have done if I was taking them for myself. But really not much to say other than he continues to keep his "cool" mask on well throughout and this PV seems to suit him quite well.

Most likely annoyed he couldn't use his guitar in this PV as well.
Was not so good at keeping to the one screencap for Keito though. I think he looks good in this PV. I know some complain about his hair but honestly he has done worse to it and when you compare it to Hikaru it looks perfectly acceptable.

Praying for a bigger budget for the next single.
I kinda feel sorry for Yabu Kota. He does not get as much screen time as he used to but since he is one of the main voices of the group he still gets a good amount of solo lines. Johnny's really needs to get him out and acting in dramas again, which could be said of just about any member of HSB.

Yamada getting ready to become Super Yamada.
Again more mirror love. While the trick is not all that outstanding it is eye catching. Plus who would not want to see more of their favorites on screen at once.

The cool kids are just chillin'.
While this grouping is considered the unpopular ones I honestly do not care as it has my two favorite group members and I like the other two as well. Though it might have been nice to have a couple more group shots like this so Inoo and Keito could be on screen for maybe a second more than they are.

Chinen has realized that he forgot to take the hanger out of the jacket.
It is a bit strange not to see Chinen in the spotlight as much but honestly between HSJ and NYC I do not mind it. He and Yamada get enough exposure so it is nice to see another HSJ member get a chance.

Single-handed roof raising.
I am still just really happy with the minor line-up change. i hope the group continues with this for a while if just for a change of pace.

Doing the wave.
I like how they end the PV with the group dancing with moves that showcase what they can do as a large group. That said I am glad we do not have the end pose for the song as there is something that looks incomplete and messy about it from watching their live performances and the making of for the PV.

I realize that this is probably my most positive PV review to date. But honestly while this PV may not be cutting edge or ground breaking it is good for what it is, which is basically a dance PV. In fact it reminds me quite a bit of HSJ's Your Seed PV, which in contrast was all dance and used black about just as much as SUPER DELICATE uses white. But as long as the group has a good dynamic dance routine to showcase then I have no problem with dance PVs, and HSJ delivered with both PVs, IMHO.

SUPER DELICATE might be super simple but it works. Plus it continues in the tradition of FIVB groups getting the cheaper looking PVs. A fate only Arashi has been able to escape because they got lucky enough to become massively popular.


Karina said...

Some may find this PV boring but I like it. It´s simple but fashionable and cool.

Keito´s hair (in the mirror scene) as well as Inoo´s and Hikaru´s are definitely not my favourite hairstyles for them; what kind of hairstylist thought of something like that?!
Well, I don´t think Inoo will get more soptlight once he graduates university. I don´t think being in university or not has something to do how much attention the boys get.
Or did I understood you wrong? Do you mean that he could be able to do other work after graduation??

Thennary Nak said...

I've followed Johnny's long enough to have seen some really terrible hair so I am not so phased when I see hairstyles on the 'meh' side of things.

I think university does take up a good deal of his time so once he's done he could concentrate on his work more and maybe get more work in general which could lead to a more prominent role in the group.

Anonymous said...

As long as yuto gets some spotlight.. i dont really mind a simple pv.. glad he's in the drama or else he'll be shoved to the back, being the tallest. hopefully, yuto gets some modeling gig after super delicate. oh wait, hsj will be busy with the asian tour and all.. but still, hoping yuto continues to get more spotlight that he deserves(being bias here, no offense).. or maybe equal spotlight for all members in the future.

Chris said...

I guess I´m one of those persons who find this PV rather boring, no matter how much I love those guys.
But nevertheless, the shots with the runway and the mirrors have something special which I like.
It´s also refreshing to see Yuto getting in the middle and not always Yamada.
Rather than the PV I enjoyed the Making of a lot!! Those guys are so fun to watch and I laughed a lot :)
I hope Jump will continue releasing mature songs like SUPER DELICATE or OVER.

Jackie said...

We can argue about the hairstyles and clothes but I think everyone looks so handsome and mature in this PV. And I agree with Chris, the making of was totally enjoyable!
All members get along together so well which is nice to see.
Overall, I like the song, PV and making!

Misa said...

Yama-chaaaan, KAKKOII XD
God,why is he so good-looking ??!! He seems to become more and more hot and handsome the older he gets !!!
Can´t wait to see him when he´ll be 20, kyaaaa~
Sorry, I know I´m biased XDD
As for the PV, I liked "OVER" better but this one is nice too ^^
I hope they´ll never do something like "Magic Power" again, I mean song wise.

Thennary Nak said...

@ Anonymous

I'm all for more Yuto in HSJ. So I hope that this will be the start of Yuto getting much more attention with HSJ.

@ Chris

The Making Of for this PV is great. But I've always thought the Making Ofs for HSJ are fantastic as the boys really seem to just have a blast on the sets. Plus the members that don't get a lot of screen time in the PVs tend to make up for that with them.

Now that Sexy Zone is around I am sure HSJ will continue with the more mature sound as SZ can do all the cute songs now.

@ Jackie

I completely agree. Both the PV and Making Of for me are enjoyable and the boys really do seem to get along well.

@ Misa

They've definitely done better PVs but I don't think this one is bad. And I am certain they will continue with songs like OVER and SUPER DELICATE, as all the cute songs can be done by Sexy Zone now.

guren said...

wait, what's a FIVB? this pv was so cool, love the very first part and love the drama too :D

guren said...
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