11 February 2012

Sexy Zone continuing on with tradition

Today was the first day of Sexy Zone's concerts at the Tokyo International Forum Hall A and they had some exciting announcements.

The first is that they are going to have more concerts, this time though they will perform in the Yokohama Arena (March 29 & 30) and in Osaka-jo Hall (April 1). So congrats to them for the bump up already in the venue size for their concerts as well as being able to perform somewhere outside of Tokyo. Of course it does not seem all that surprising when these current concerts had about three times as many shows added to the dates, so there is demand from fans for the group and hopefully it will only grow. That and the young groups like SZ and before them, Hey! Say! JUMP do tend to be rather concert heavy for their first few years.

The next announcement is that they will be taking over doing the theme song for the anime series Nintama Rantaro from NYC thus becoming one of a growing number of groups to cover Yuuki 100%. They will have a new song though to be the ending theme for the anime, Kaze wo kitte. The songs will begin being used on the program in April.

I do hope that this announcement means that we will get another single from SZ in April, as that should be the month they should release their next single if they are following the same trajectory as the other FIVB debut units. I'm not sure if I care too much about there being yet another Yuuki 100% single but the song fits the group well with how youthful it sounds and how young they are and it will be interesting to see what the new arrangement will be.

EDIT: Well according to a article about these announcements from Sanspo (a Japanese online news site) they will indeed be releasing a single in April.

As this is their second single and there really are no signs that they won't be hanging around for the long term now, despite not having their own section on the OHPs, I'm willing to bury any doubts I had before about their debut status. Especially since otherwise they are on track for the kind of activities and release pattern FIVB debut groups before them have had. So expect the next History of Johnny's segment to be for the group.


Karina said...

To be honest I didn´t expect them to hold concerts in arenas that quickly, but it makes me happy of course.

It releaves me somehow that SZ will takeover Yuuki 100%, because that probably means the end of NYC?! I love Nakayama, Yamada and Chinen but I don´t like the unit NYC because I´m not a fan of their childish image.
So I´m interested to see how SZ will take over NYC´s job and if NYC will have a future or how it will look like.

Thennary Nak said...

I'm not sure if it will bring the end of NYC, I think Yuma debuting as either a soloist or with another group will be what puts that group to rest.

I think if anything SZ is just taking over the role of being the "youthful" group for Johnny's from groups like HSJ and NYC, much like HSJ took that over for NEWS when they debuted.

Chris said...

I hope they won´t release another Yuuki 100% CD but release a completely new song.
I almost get the feeling they´ll be the ones who will be in Kouhaku this year, instead of NYC.

It looks pretty good for SZ, I think the question about if they´re debuted or not is finally solved (at least for me). Sooner or later, they´ll get their section on J-Net for sure.

Thennary Nak said...

Well it's going to be a long time before we get to the next Kouhaku. And who knows what will happen to NYC this year.

And I agree. It is becoming clearer that SZ is meant to stay and I hope with this second single they will finally get their own section. And then hopefully we'll get an answer about A.B.C-Z.