19 February 2012

Okamoto Keito to attend Sophia University

After months of rumors it has finally been confirmed that Okamoto Keito has passed the entrance exam for Sophia University (known as Jouchi Daigaku in Japanese) and will begin classes in April.

He will be attending the Faculty of Liberal Arts which is located in branch of the university in the middle of Tokyo. It is the department that teaches all its classes in English so he also had to pass the TOEFL test and submit an essay in English.

MomoEdgewood blog post. (English)

First off congrats to Keito for getting in to university! Since he was attending an international school in Japan I do not think it is surprising that he would aim for Sophia University as it is a well known school for their English language program as they have quite a few native English language professors that teach in the Faculty of Liberal Arts department.

I have to say that it is rather surreal that since I went to Sophia University myself I know where he will be, as the Liberal Arts program has all its classes in the same building which is where all the foreign exchange students go to since it has the only classes taught in English. I now cannot help but wonder if he will have some of the same teachers I had as well.

I guess now I have another name to add to my list of fellow Sophia students that I cannot believe I can be connected to even in this very indirect way which has been mainly George Takei and Crystal Kay.


Jackie said...

Really? You went to Sophia as well??!! How awesome!!!!
Was it difficult to enter?

I´m really proud of Keito! I just wish some other JUMP members would continue to study as well, especially Chinen and Yuto.
But I respect every decision they make and if they just want to concentrate on Johnny´s work, then we have to accept that.
But even if they don´t go to uni now, maybe they´ll decide to go years later, like Yabu?!

Misa said...

YAYYY Keito >333
This makes me really happy XDD
When Yamada, Chinen and Yuto graduaded from Horikoshi last week, I had to cry T_T
I´m very proud of them but they are also all growing up .
Graduation alway has this bitter-sweet, lonely feeling ><

Ani2 said...

My full respect to Keito and all other Johnnys who´ll go or went to university.

For now, I know that those will attend university from April:
Yabu, Keito, Nakayama Yuma, Nakaken, (I think)Koichi Yuugo,Iwamoto Hikaru,Ryuusei Fuji, Shinpei Takemoto.
I think there might me more Juniors attending but I haven´t heard about it yet.
I´m very proud of those boys who passed the exam!

I wish I could know which universities they´ll attend, other from Yabu and Keito, where we know about it.
I´m also interested in knowing if Nakayama chose to stay in Osaka or to move to Tokyo in order to do more work.

I´m so impressed that you attended Sophia! Did you have nice experiences there? Was it a good time for you?

Thennary Nak said...

@ Jackie

yea, I was there for most of 2009. As an exchange student you just need to have good enough grades and be able to pay the expenses. Of course it probably helped me a bit that the university I went to had connections with Sophia as they are both private Jesuit founded schools.

Well they could always just be waiting to make the announcement. But even if they don't go this year I think with Johnny's like Nakamaru and Yabu they are showing that you don't need to go straight in to university to eventually get a degree.

@ Misa

It is rather amazing to take in that the boys are finally done with high school. They've grown up so much since they debuted.

@ Ani2

That does seem like a lot of Johnny's entering university, but I think it is a really good thing for the Juniors. Who knows how their careers will go so having something to fall back on will be nice for them.

I would think he would have made the move to Tokyo already with how much work he gets there. But unless it gets mentioned somewhere it would be hard to tell unless he got into a Tokyo university, then he'd have to be living in Tokyo for that.

I loved going to Sophia. It was a lot of time studying but it was great being in Tokyo and the school really is in the heart of the city so it's easy to get to all the main locations of the city from it.

momo said...

wouldnt he be attending it from september? since he's in an international school.. i thought they end at around june? if im not wrong..