19 February 2012

Entering the Sexy Zone

Members: Nakajima Kento, Kikuchi Fuma, Sato Shori, Matsushima Sou & You Marius

Top (l to r) Kikuchi Fuma & Nakajima Kento
Bottom (l to r) Matsushima Sou, Sato Shori & You Marius

Sexy Zone is the latest FIVB group to debut, with their debut in November of 2011. They debuted with a self titled single under the Pony Canyon music label. They are considered the youngest group for Johnny's to debut.

The debut announcement took many fans by surprise based on the fact that outside of Nakajima Kento and Kikuchi Fuma the other members of the group were not very well known at all. And even though they did manage to debut with a number 1 single it was a very close call.

Because they were not given their own section on the official homepages originally it lead to people wondering if this is a career debut or a one-shot debut. But in early 2012 they were given their on section on Johnny's net, confirming their status as a career debut group.

In April of 2012 they became one of the growing number of groups that have covered the Hikaru Genji song Yuuki 100% for the theme song of the long running anime series Nintama Rantarou. The song was released on their second single as a bonus track on the regular edition.

In the summer of 2012 they join A.B.C-Z as well as Johnny's Juniors to perform the annual SUMMARY concerts.

Nakajima Kento is the oldest member of the group and is considered the group's leader. He has had the most drama work of all the members from his time as a Junior. He is known by fans by his nickname, Nakaken.

Kikuchi Fuma is the next oldest member and was in the same Junior group as Nakaken. He has not had much in the way of drama roles but leading up to the announcement of SZ he was in a couple of stage plays.

Sato Shori has been a Junior that has come to prominence in the few months leading up to Sexy Zone’s debut. This has continued with SZ’s debut as he is the member shown center in the group shots and was the first to have a drama role post-debut with a supporting role in the drama Hungry!.

Matsushima Sou is known as one of the strongest singers of the group. He was an ungrouped Junior that was placed in the same grouping with Shori on Shounen Club in the few months leading up to the formation of SZ.

You Marius is the first half-Japanese Junior to debut as well as the youngest to debut at age 11. He is half-German and lived part in Japan and part in Germany. His mother was in the all female theater troupe, Takarazuka Revue, and has trained Marius to enter the entertainment industry with singing and dancing.

TRIVIA: Before the group was announced Johnny Kitagawa brought up the Junior group A.B.C-Z debuting with two new members as A.B.C-xyZ and that Kikuchi Fuma would be a candidate for that. And the month before a Junior group called Sexy Boy, with the three youngest members of SZ a part of it, was announced.

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Anonymous said...


Great post!

Jackie said...

The more I get to know more about SZ´s members, the more I like them^^
Shori is definitely someone to watch out in the future and I really love Fuma-Kento a lot too.
When they performed "Yokubo no Rain" on SC this month, it was amazing and those 2 really look good together.
Looking forward to SZ´s future!

Ani2 said...

I´m glad that this ABCxyZ never got reality.
I didn´t pay attention at but is the "xy" of Sexy Zone still marked in red color?

I think it´s a great young group with lots of potential and their popularity is rising and rising, which maes me happy.
I hope we´ll get to see Nakaken is a new drama soon.

Thennary Nak said...

@ Anonymous


@ Jackie

I felt bad not having a lot to say about them now, but I am sure they will be one of the entries that will get updated a lot as they hold a lot of promise.

@ Ani2

Yea, it's still red. It'll probably be that way until they decide to change the logo at some point in the future, IMHO.

They do have a lot of potential and I am happy that after a rough start they are beginning to make head way.

And I also hope Nakaken gets to be in a new drama soon too. Though there are rumors that he got into university so that might be a draw back on how much he'll be doing in the next few years work-wise.

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I've heard of "A.B.C-xyZ" (probably because I kinda fell out of the fandom around that time) but if they were to actually add 2 members to the group, wouldn't the first choice be Sanada and Nozawa?? Like, to pick anyone other than them would make absolutely no sense to me. If Fuma (and probably NakaKen) were to join with A.B.C.-Z, they would be so out of place that it would be awkward. Also, as much as a love A.B.C., I think that they would be holding down Fuma and NakaKen a lot.
Well, I guess it doesn't matter now. I'm just seriously questioning Johnny's logic -__-