14 September 2012

The 5Stars A.B.C-Z

Members: Goseki Koichi, Totsuka Shota, Tsukada Ryoichi, Kawai Fumito & Hashimoto Ryosuke

Top: Tsukada Ryoichi, Hashimoto Ryosuke & Goseki Koichi
Bottom: Totsuka Shota & Kawai Fumito

A.B.C-Z’s roots can be found in the Junior group A.B.C. that was formed in 2000. There have been four members that have been the mainstays of the line-up for this group over the years; Goseki Koichi, Totsuka Shota, Tsukada Ryoichi & Kawai Fumito.

A.B.C. stood for Acrobat Boys Club as the members specialized in acrobatics, such as flips, cartwheels and back flips with their performances. As other Junior groups they mainly back danced for other groups and performed on the Junior program Shounen Club.

In 2008 Hashimoto Ryosuke, who had been a member of the then disbanded Junior group J.J. Express, was added to the group. With his addition A.B.C. was renamed A.B.C-Z but the focus on acrobatics did not change.

Late in 2008 they had a joint concert with Kis-My-Ft2 at Yoyogi Stadium in Tokyo. After that they went on to continue with their regular Junior activities such as back dancing while Kis-My-Ft2 began to do more. In 2010 though A.B.C-Z were given the chance to produce concerts for the Juniors and in the second half of 2011 received a huge push in activities, with most of them centered around stage work.

In early September of 2011 Johnny Kitagawa announced that the group is being set up to debut but said that they would possibly debut as a seven member unit and have the group name changed to A.B.C-xyZ. Thi did not happen though as later that year it was announced that A.B.C-Z would debut as the current five man unit sometime in 2012.

When faced with debuting finally the members of the group asked that they have their debut release be a DVD, so they could showcase their strength, their performances. Johnny’s agreed and on February 1st they released their debut DVD, which will make them the first Johnny’s group to debut with a DVD.

Focusing on being a performance group A.B.C-Z has only released DVDs since their debut. With Sexy Zone they were given their own section on Johnny’s net in mid-2012 confirming their debut being for the long term.

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Anonymous said...

Wow i didn't know they had been a jr group for that long. are they the record holder for being jr the longest before debut now (not counting Hasshi of course)? Kudo to them for sticking around. I haven't really been paying them attention as their released songs so far are not my style. but they are really good at dancing and their latest PV is really cute. they make me feel like supporting and rooting for them ^^

Thanks for the entry!

Thennary Nak said...

They probably do hold that record. I cannot think of any other Junior group that was around for as long except for FiVe but they left Johnny's to go indies.

I'm in the same boat. I really want to root for them as they are talented and everything but their music and style just isn't to my taste.

vccucine said...

support you@!