06 September 2012

Yuma and Marius head to school

Nakayama Yuma and Yo Marius will be on the variety show Bakusho Gakuen Nasebana~ru! as regulars beginning on October 9th. The program airs on TBS on Tuesdays at 8-9 with the first episode being a two hour special starting at 7.

TBS OHP. (Japanese)

I am really glad to see Yuma finally getting work on TV again. Even though he has kept busy with musicals, being a big part of Takizawa Hideaki's muscials and PLAYZONE he has only been on TV for either Shounen Club or promotion for NYC which do not happen very often for both.

With him living in Tokyo now I had hoped that he would start getting more work, and while I was really hoping for a drama this does well too. As it gets him on TV on a regular basis at least and is a step in the right direction. Though I do hope that he also gets to be on SC more often as being in Osaka is no longer an excuse not to have him on as he is still listed as a Junior.

Of course I am not forgetting about Marius. Because of his age I am surprised that he is getting as much work as he has, but I guess as long as he can juggle work and school it is not an issue. And since the program looks to look at generation gaps it makes sense for him to be on it.

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