07 September 2012

Back to school in time for a quiz

Been meaning to say something about the latest Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou movie preview out but I did not want to spam my blog with entries. So now that things seemed to have calmed done a bit with new news for now I figured I better make sure to make this post before anything else new gets announced.

I really wish I could watch this movie when it comes out in Japan. Even though it looks like it will be a mess with all the plots they look to be trying to cram into it there still looks to be plenty there that Bakaleya fans will enjoy. Not to mention the dangling plot lines from the drama look like they will be resolved with the movie as well.

Also it looks like new theme songs for the movie is not going to happen with the use of Kis-My-Ft2's Shake It Up and Maeda Atsuko's Migikata in this preview. If they were going to use new songs they would have been used in this preview seeing as this looks like what will be used to promote the movie leading up to the opening day. But honestly I think I am fine with that as I have come to like both songs with connection to the series.

Even though it just aired The Quiz is already up for pre-order in both DVD and Blu-Ray formats. Both versions have the same content, the SP and a making of feature, with the only difference being picture and sound quality. The release date for this is December 5th.

The Quiz / Japanese TV Series
Japanese TV Series

The Quiz / Japanese TV Series
Japanese TV Series

I am feeling pretty excited overall as by this time tomorrow the Bakaleya6 will have had their first two concerts at Tokyo Dome City Hall. I hope we get some kind of announcement for them, like an official group name. And I will be shocked if Takaki Yuya does not show up as the guest for at least one of the concerts. I will definitely be searching the net for any information I can find of this concerts to share over the weekend.


bakadaboys said...

i'll be happy to read about their concert report :)
i also curious about how the boys doing in their concert

Thennary Nak said...

So far from what I have heard they had their first concert do well, even though they were missing a member. Hopefully the last two will do well too.