03 September 2012

The Shounen Club 12 October 2003 review

And after this review I will go back to the regular schedule of reviews twice a week. I hope.

There really is not anything to say about the introductions as they are the same as the first episode of the month.

We do have a change in main MCs this episode. In fact Yamashita Tomohisa does almost no hosting this time around and instead we have these four as main hosts, Akiyama Jun, Jimmy Mackey, Kamenashi Kazuya and Akanishi Jin. They get to announce that SC will be aired in other countries in Asia.

Ya-Ya-Yah is up first this episode to do a Yax3 medley. I think I am mostly surprised that all five members of the group perform in it, though there is still a greater focus on the main three of the group.

The final song of the medley has Matsumoto Kouhei and Inoo Kei getting focus as they sing along. Inoo has the bad habit of holding his mic up so it blocks his face which is annoying. But it seems to be a typical mistake for Juniors to make when first getting to sing with the mic.

The hosts get to read letters from fans around Asia. Kame is given one from someone in Singapore but the letter is completely in English. He gets about two lines in before not being able to sound out the words and Jimmy takes over. He actually really impressed me as instead of reading it in English he just translated it all into Japanese.

KAT-TUN then get to perform their one medley. It starts off with Peaceful Days which is one of those songs that use the group's name in the lyrics so the chances of it being covered by another group is slim to none. But it is one of those songs that are best to see performed live as it is full of energy and is good for pumping up a crowd.

This episode has a guest even though the first episode did not. And how it makes me look forward to the episodes of next month where we finally get a new group so the choices of guests will no longer be with Tackey & Tsubasa or Tackey or Tsubasa.

As I have mentioned before Imai Tsubasa usually fails to interest me and this appearance did not change that. Though I was amused at the Engrish in the song he sang and hoped that he was the only one using that mic.

This episode really feels like a continuation of the first episode of the month with how often it brings out segments that were in that first episode. Like Toma still talking with TOKIO. This time though he gets to read postcards from Juniors to the members of the group.

The top 5 requests for TOKIO is pulled out again for this episode, this time with Toma, Kazama Shunsuke and Hasegawa Jun leading the medley. And while I always love how much Toma gets into his performances he is sounding pretty rough when it comes to singing for this medley.

This medley is a good one for trying to spot Juniors, especially for Kis-My-Ft2 members. For example here is Miyata Toshiya and I know Nikaido Takashi could be spotted as well with the small Juniors back dancing.

There is another letter exchange segment, this time between Koyama Keiichiro and Kusano Hironori. We get to learn that even back then Koyama lived up to his fan nickname of Koyamama.

Yamapi gets to do his one solo medley, but it is not much of a solo performance. He has A.B.C. backing him up for most of it including vocals.

There is a K.K.Kity medley right after and kicks off with Private Hearts. Unlike last episode there really is nothing that sets it apart from the usual performance from the group or those involved. But I would not be surprised if Private Hearts was picked to be a B-side on NEWS' debut single based off the fact that some of the members already knew the song.

The next song in the medley is a Hikaru Genji song so we get the usual roller skaters. And this time all the Junior Boys roller skating get to sing with mics. This makes it Fujigaya Taisuke's first time to do this on the show and someone must have realized this or something as he is the only one to get a second of solo camera time.

The end pose gives us a good view of Kitayama Hiromitsu and Masuda Takahisa, though I do feel a bit sorry for the roller skaters that have to slide into position for it.

Then it is another Detective Tomas segment, this time for the episode guest, Tsubasa. The first question is about his height that he tries to pass off to be either 170 to 180 centimeters. Akiyama tries to help with the measurement by standing up next to him.

KAT-TUN get to sing Hoshi Kuzu no Spangle. I still like the song even though it sounds quite dated. But I do not think I have ever seen the song mangled so I know when it gets performed it will be enjoyable.

We do get a separation of the group with Kame and Jin up in the front of the stage with the rest of the group banished to the back with the band. This only lasts for about half of the song but it still looks weird to have them so divided.

The separation does give us some nice camera angles though. And I would like to know what Taguchi Junnosuke has in his hair here. They look too terrible to be extensions, or if they are they have to be really cheap.

Yamapi still gets his solo segment though and he speaks about having fans around Asia.

Massu surprisingly gets highlighted in the end song. We first get an odd combo with him and Jimmy Mackey together.

Then when it is his turn to get introduced as he goes to move to the center Kazama is moving backwards and the two run into each other. Then Toma noticeably laughs at them after that.

While this episode does not hold all the hints the first for the month did there are still some signs of the change to come, such as bringing Kame and Jin as main hosts while Yamapi is seemingly dropped from that position.

Other than that a solid episode of the show. Nothing standout but nothing grating either, forgettable perhaps, but not annoying.

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