10 September 2012

Bakaleya6 quick updates

Decided to do this for a post to talk about the other two concerts for the Bakaleya6.

Looking at the various reports it seems like the set list was the same for the other concerts as it was the first, so sadly no solo song for Kouchi Yuugo. The only difference was with the encore songs. For the second day the encore song was Fever to Future and the final concert got a double encore with the song Can do! Can go!

They will be on the cover of the October edition of the Wink Up magazine, which should be out this month.

Also according to the Shounen Club reports circling around (the taping for the October episodes were one September 10th) the Bakaleya6 will be doing a medley with songs from the SUMMARY concerts. No solos though sadly.

Lewis Jesse will be up for Gekkan ki ni naru J segment of the show. So we should be able to learn a little more about him then.

EDIT: This morning I added a tab at the top of the page for this blog that has all the links for the profiles I did of the Bakaleya6 members. I also did minor updates to their profiles now that the SUMMARY concerts are over and we are getting casting news for the upcoming drama season.

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