30 September 2012

The Real Johnny's Jr. first thoughts

Found a stream of the documentary that aired about Johnny's Junior. If anything I wish it was longer as I am sure there was plenty more to be seen. That said I was happy to see what they showed.

For those wondering which Juniors are seen it is pretty much just the Tokyo Juniors even though they show a bit from Sexy Zone's Osaka SUMMARY concerts. And the Juniors they focus on are the ones that are mostly the regulars on Johnny's Jr. Land. There are a few exceptions for this, like Takada Sho and Yasui Kentaro get some screen time but it is mainly that group.

Iwahashi Genki gets a good deal of focus, from his studying for school and nerves for performing in the concerts. Haniuda Amu also gets a good amount of screen time, partly because he messed up for one of the performances. Chino Aoi is boss in this, as apparently the older Juniors that joined after him do call him Chino-senpai. That and for his age he really seems serious about his work. These three are the ones that left the biggest impression on me and I will be keeping my eye on Genki as he impressed me. And I would not be surprised to see Chino get to the the Golden Junior in the near future as he seems to be as much a little star in the making as Morimoto Shintaro was, IMHO.

If you just want to watch for the Bakaleya6 then you need to skip to the second part. They have about 8-9 minutes dedicated to them, from some of the drama filming to their SUMMARY concerts. Otherwise the most you see them is for the Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou movie commercial that looks like it was played at each commercial break. Though it is not so bad seeing that Uchi Hiroki and Question? are not seen at all (minus Bakaleya footage for Uchi) even though they also had SUMMARY concerts.

Also they had the first Golden Junior included as Takizawa Hideaki talked about his time as a Junior. They also had some footage of a couple of the big name Johnny's when they were Juniors, like Yamashita Tomohisa, Yamada Ryosuke and Imai Tsubasa. And I have to say I really see what people were saying about Sato Shori looking a lot like Imai Tsubasa when he was younger. The two look like they could have been brothers going off the old Tsubasa footage. So as long as Shori does not gain the penchant for growing facial hair like Tsubasa does he will definitely be growing into a handsome man.

If I find something better than a stream I will do a review of the documentary. Honestly I am hoping that they will release this on DVD and/or BD. I would buy a copy in a heart beat.

Links to the stream: Part 1 Part 2


markl02 said...

This documentary is just great. Whenever there's a new release my favorite part is the "making of." And whenever I'm watching Shonen Club, etc, I'm always looking beyond the stars to see who's dancing in the back. This show is great for both of those viewpoints. I too hope it shows up on DVD.

Thennary Nak said...

I love looking behind the scenes as well, which is part of why I enjoy following the Juniors as you get the chance to see the future debut stars before they debut.

I also hope if they do release it on DVD it will have extra footage. I really think there is probably a lot that had to be cut to make it fit the hour of programming it had to air in.

Rana said...

I saw it after 2hour tv air!! and my friend trans a bit for me, esp about genki part (I like him so much)

he said in junior highschool he not go school 'cause he dont like and be boycott by fiends (oh my boy><) but he know study is important and go to school in senior highschool and he want go to university

after he get stress before perfotmance and get colic

and more... if you want I can trans more

Thennary Nak said...

I caught the bit about him saying he used to be bullied. I felt really bad for him but it seems like he has been able to move onto something much better with getting into Johnny's. And it is nice to hear that he still plans on doing well in school even though he had bad experiences before.

I did get the general idea of what was being said for most of it. It's watching these kinds of things without translations that helps me keep up with my Japanese. But I appreciate the offer.

Rana said...

boycott is very bad, a little bit of that in childhood always make me hurt but I'm happy now genki

I think small trans make you understand and study better ^^

(before that, Masashi - dance Choreographer is so mean says 'they want to memeroy 20-30 songs and dance in month, if not, will be out and not join concert'

AME DATTE lesson. staff: what's up? Genta : the position too hard to memory, I note it in this and try my best in perfomance without mistake

after, staff: is this ok? Genta: perfect, I complete same the not, so lucky

staff: how are you? jingui yuta: fine, I slept before, 3 performance without sleep will make legs hurt

next sence: amu sleep in change room, genki in stair, and the voice: in half time, everybody sleep to make them perfect in stage

Myojo editor: amount, time of concert made everyone suprised, one backdancer team must know 20 songs, and 3 team must know 60 songs

staff: do you have summer? everyone: no jingui: but it so fun

in them, has a boy separated àn listen music.
staff: what's are you doing?
genki: I'm trying to drum,
staff: why?
genki: we play dum in summary and I rceiver the lesson yester day and concert will be in 5 days, I never play drum, I study in train too
staff: always suprise?
genki: in ABCZ concert and Osaka too, I think staff so busy cause it's always suprise
staff: is it trouble?
genki: trouble is nothing but somtimes it's so dangerous

will more and dont care about my dramar mistake ^^

Anonymous said...

thankyou rana and thennary for the review...i dont understand japanese so this review help me a lot