08 September 2012

Nakayama Yuma has Piece

We now can know what is replacing Sprout in the late night NTV drama slot, a drama series titled Piece. It is based off a manga series of the same name and will be starring Nakayama Yuma in the lead role. It will also co-star actress Honda Tsubasa and fellow Johnny's Matsumura Hokuto.

The show will start on October 6th.

Sanspo article (Japanese)

Since my Japanese is not the greatest I am not too sure about the story line of this. It seems like Yuma's character will run into the girl he dated in high school and that something dark about their pasts will come to surface.

It does mention that there will be elements of suspense in the story so I think it is safe to say we are not going to get another straight romance drama after Sprout with this.

EDIT: Okay found more information, which includes the official homepage and some things have been cleared up. It is actually the death of someone that Yuma's character knew from high school that unites him, with Honda's character. I think I got a bit confused because she is listed as being the romantic interest.

Also there will be two other Johnny's as a part of the cast, Yasui Kentaro and Nozawa Yuki. Yasui is carrying over from Sprout while I believe this is the first time for Nozawa to be in a drama.

It really seems like this station and time slot is going to be for Johnny's to promote and help give acting experience to their younger talents.


Of course this gets me thinking about theme songs and I would not be surprised to have NYC provide one for this drama. It is the only group connected to Yuma and he is the only announced member of the cast that is connected with a group that has CD releases. Also NYC does have the earlier song We can be Heroes that has yet to be released on CD and they do not have a number one streak to protect so it would be easy to release a single, that is as long as it comes out before Johnny's World starts. Even though I would rather have a Hey! Say! JUMP single instead but I am curious to what a new NYC single would sound like now that they are getting a more mature image with Sexy Zone taking over the more kiddie friendly releases.

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