13 September 2012

Bonjour, Chinen and Takaki!

Johnny's seems to be on a roll with these, let's send our talents overseas to travel across countries on limited budgets and no professional help, shows. They have announced a new one, this time for Hey! Say! JUMP members Chinen Yuri and Takaki Yuya and they will be traveling across France. The title of the program will be J’J Hey!Say!JUMP Takaki Yuya and Chinen Yuri- futari kkiri furansu juudan kakueki teisha no tabi- and it will air on NTV at 01:29 starting October 1st.

NTV OHP (Japanese)
JE News Daily article (English)

It seems like Johnny's is finally getting into gear promoting other members that are not Yamada Ryosuke. Of course Chinen has had some promotion himself things seem to have been stepped up now that he is no longer in school. And Takaki seems to be restarting the push he initially had with getting that role in Gokusen 3 soon after debut with his Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou role and now this program.

Also I think these two will bring about an interesting program to watch, with Takaki being the more outgoing one yet being placed so far away from what is familiar to him and Chinen being much more reserved but also being pretty bright. So I expect Takaki will be the more gung ho one with Chinen the one to figure things out when they run into problems.

I think they wisely decided to announce this trip after it was finished as I am sure there would be European fans that would have tried to track them down. Especially considering they would have known two of the locations, with the finish spot being rather easy to find being a landmark.

I wonder if we should start expecting these programs to become a regular thing. I think it could be done, there are certainly enough debuted Johnny's that are 18 and over that are not constantly busy that could do these kinds of trips. I guess we will see if another program like this pops up for the next TV season.


Anonymous said...

Such great news, I think it wil be very intresting to see how they interact with each other :)

I'm from a neiberhood country and if I knew they would be in France(if it woudn't be that far in France) I think I would went to have a trip to the place and hoping to have a little glimse off them lol
I understand why they didn't let it know, but I think it would have been cool to see some European fans to greet them or something. It would have made me very proud to see fans greeting them outside an Asian country. Just wishfull thinking I guess ;)

markl02 said...

I happened to come across this Tumblr comment a few days ago and I didn't believe it, but now I do. Apparently that fangirl really did meet Chinen and Takaki at Chenonceaux Casttle in the Loire Valley.

Aelin said...

You better believe it, I was the one who wrote down this comment.

They said we would pass on NTV soon, for a travel show.

Thennary Nak said...

@ Anonymous

Well you never know if they just may run into fans anyway.

But I think it is more of a security issue than anything as it is just them and the cameraman. So if they get too many fans showing up it could become an issue.

@ markl02

That's understandable. People can claim all kinds of things on the internet. But it looks like this time there will actually be proof that it is true.

@ Aelin

Congrats! That's definitely a once in a life time occurrence. It would be great if they did show you on the program.