02 September 2012

Kindachi's star filled cast.

NTV has updated its official site for the upcoming Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo(Kindaichi Case Files) SP that will star Yamada Ryosuke. And with this update we have names for the supporting cast.

Arioka Daiki will be joining his group mate by playing the character Saki Ryuji who is listed as being a video otaku. Then we have international cast members as Big Bang's V.I (Seungri) from South Korea, Vivian Hsu, an actress that works in both Hong Kong and Taiwan and has previous experience being in a Japanese drama, Wu Zun(Wu Chun) a Taiwanese actor and once member of the Taiwan boy group Fahrenheit, and Eric Tsueng, an actor from Hong Kong.

NTV Kindaichi OHP (Japanese)

I am happy to see Daiki be added to the cast. Even though he is one of the more popular members of Hey! Say! JUMP he does not seem to be as pushed as other members. Which is a pity as he can act and I would love to see him get more chances.

Also it was probably nice for Yamada to have someone he knows well with him for the shooting in Hong Kong. Especially since the two are known for being friends and hanging out together in their free time.

And I am impressed with the international cast for this. NTV really went out to make sure they got a good deal of big name stars from around Asia. I would not be surprised if this SP ends up being pushed to air in those markets, which would be great for HSJ to help them get better known around Asia.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for Yamada and Daiki, I've always loved to see them act again togheter after scrap teacher ^^ I've always kinda seem them as brothers because on shows/concerts you can clearly see them having a good friendly bond. Love them.
And wow, I was amazed with the big cast. I didn't thought once that Seungri would be in it, I don't even know if he can act. I'm secretly hoping that the special would turn in an episode drama. But don't think that wil happen. I'm really looking forward to it :)

Thennary Nak said...

They are definitely close as they do hang out with each other outside of work. So it must be really great for them to be able to work together.

Well the live-action adaption began as an episode drama and the writer even stated that they had been waiting for Yamada to grow up so he could do this special. So who knows, if it does well enough as a SP they may just do another episode drama. Though of course most of the cast would have to be changed as it would most likely be set in Japan.