21 September 2012

Yuma's found his Missing Piece?

It figures that when I am off traveling and too busy to check the net that something happens or is announced. This time Nakayama Yuma is getting to release a CD as a solo artist. The title of the single is Missing Piece and will be released on October 31st in three different versions.

The title song, Missing Piece, will be the theme song for the NTV drama Piece that he will be starring in. The B-side that will be on all the editions, Mizu no Kaeru Bashou (The Place Water Returns), will also be used in the drama.

The regular edition has the two tracks all versions of the single have as well as a song that will only be on the regular edition, Sayonara Merry Christmas. It will also have the karaoke tracks for all those songs.

The first limited edition, Type A, will have the two tracks, a piano instrumental version of them both, as well as a version titled Another Version for them both, then Mizu no Kaeru Bashou will also have a strings version. Then the DVD that it comes with will have the PV for the title track, the making for the PV and footage from the jacket shooting for the CD.

The second limited edition, Type B, has the exact same track listing for the CD. It comes with a DVD as well and this one has footage from the fan meet he did with some of the Kansai Juniors, Shigeoka Daiki, Kotaki Nozomu, Fujii Ryuusei, Kiriyama Akito and Nakama Junta.

Also on the same release date as these single the DVD for the PLAYZONE musical for this year will be released. Hopefully Nakayama Yuma fans will have had their money saved up for it.

I cannot help but wonder that it Yuma is releasing a solo single if this is going to mean that he is finally going to be considered a debuted artist finally. At this point I think it only makes sense to do so as he has been releasing singles with NYC for about three years now and is actually rather active, though mostly with musicals.

Since this is being released by Johnny's Entertainment, who actually have their own page for him on their site, like all the NYC singles it makes it hard to tell if this is going to finally get him out of the Junior category on Johnny's net. I guess we will see when the single is released as Johnny's net has the single information under the Junior section as of now.

But in any case I know I will be getting at least two of the versions and I now have enough pre-order wise to make an order with the Kanjani8 8EST album with these.


Rana said...

I knew this single through cdjapan, yes, it pre order without official anoucement

and I guest it can not reach no1 because AKB48 release single in same day

and I guest it will sale... 50k?

Thennary Nak said...

Well if Yuma will continue as a solo artist than maybe it is best that he does not have to worry about a number one streak to protect.

Well it is three editions with a special event ID in them so I would hope that it would be over 50k. I think it may also depend on how well the drama does and how much promotion he gets to do for the single. I am hoping for 100k, though that is probably too much wishful thinking.

Rana said...

hmm, I think if single does not sale well, it very difficult to him to release more stuff

I want he debut with 7West, they're Jr so long~~~

Thennary Nak said...

Well if sales look too bad Johnny's can always do a handshake event. But I am sure they want him to do well.

I would love for him to debut with 7WEST or just any Kansai Junior group, but it seems like Johnny's is intent on him doing otherwise.