20 September 2012

Kis-My-Ft2 - WANNA BEEE!!!! PV review

Meant to do this around the time the single came out but ended up just pushing it back to do other things. I will also be doing Shake It Up at some point this month so I can catch up a bit with these.

Gotta say that I enjoy this single a lot. I like both of the songs, even though the A-sides did take a bit to grow on me and I rather enjoyed the B-side as well. WANNA BEEE!!!! fits in well with Kis-My-Ft2's post-debut discography and is a good way to start off the next round of singles for their second album. And I am glad it got a rather fun PV to go with it.

On a dark and stormy night a gold coin is flipped for reasons never attempted to be explained in this PV. But it does look kinda cool with the contrast and everything.

No surprise but the usual suspects are the centers of this PV, Fujigaya Taisuke and Kitayama Hiromitsu with some Tamamori Yuta as well, but at least since this PV is for the song that is the theme song for the drama Fujigaya and Kitayama are in it makes sense.

What else would you do on a pirate ship than dance?
We then get the first look at the Kis-My-Pirates that will be featured in this PV. Honestly I have loved the idea of Kis-My-Ft2 x pirates since they came out with their Junior song Kaizoku (Pirates) and have been wishing that they would do a theme song for the One Piece anime series since they are under Avex.

There are scenes of the Kis-My-Pirates doing piratey things, like looking at maps, polishing various objects  and such in search of treasure.

You know it's true because it glows.
Tamamori is the one that pulls out a map that has locations on it to show the others and get them all excited for adventure. As that seems to be the thing that pirates do these days, go and have adventures. None of that looting and pillaging.

The hokey-pokey or a treasure dance?
And I have to comment that the dance for this song just looks like fun. Silly, but fun.

There are shots to try to make the group look cool by putting them in a treasure room. If anything it is a nice scenic break from the ship deck where most of the PV is shot on.

It is also with this setting that we get the smaller grouping shots that are split between the KiFt and s-My-2 members. But at least it shows s-My-2 actually singing part of the song instead of just being dancers.

KiFt gets the most focus in the PV like usual but it is more on level with SHE! HER! HER! than We never give up, which is heartening that perhaps this means that things are just going to get better with showing the other members.

Randomly we have Fujigaya and Kitayama arm wrestling as the others watch on.

But Tamamori cuts in and makes them knock it off, so I can only assume he is the actual brains behind this group of Kis-My-Pirates.

I guess Kis-My-Pirates also treasure hunt by way of fishing. Otherwise they must have found one large pile of junk in the ocean to be fishing up what they are instead of fish.

Who needs food? We have roller skates!
The KiFt trio end up fishing out a roller skate and are really excited about it. Though I am not sure what they think they can do with a single skate.

Breaking of the roller skate?
Apparently someone on the boat has Jesus-like powers and was able to turn the one skate into seven pairs so that they could roller skate on deck.

A storm hits and not only rocks the boat violently but also has lightning striking it, tearing it up. Though oddly enough there are no fires started even though considering the ship is wood there should have been some.

After the storm the guys wake up after somehow managing to make sure they collapsed to form a circle. There is also no signs of the damage the storm did to the ship at all.

Kitayama shows off his counting skills when he notices something is amiss.

"O Rly?"
I think I am in love with the look Miyata gives when they are supposed to be thinking about what is wrong.

Fujigaya is Apollo?
And then suddenly Fujigaya is the sun. Like literally, and it is creepily fantastic in the WTF-ness of it all.

To continue on with the randomness we get another dance scene, this time with the group in normal clothes and fans. Though I guess honestly the big difference with these clothes is that they are all nice and bright colors. Also you would not be able to tell if the split was going on with them.

I guess the PV is on full summer theme mode as we get the group then enjoying some watermelon in the brightly lit sky.

The dance scenes end with the group in their civvy clothes and we get some interesting end poses from them.

Our final scene is back with the guys enjoying their watermelon. It is a nice way to wrap up the PV as it does feel like a natural end to the loose story that is in the PV. Not to mention all the members actually look like equals which will be a big plus for me.

If Kisumai keep having PVs like this and SHE! HER! HER! I may be tempted in picking up their LEs again. Though the split needs to improve more, but at least it is nice to see that Senga and Miyata are getting a bit more screen time, even if by a snippet of a second. But I have always believed that groups begin to even out a bit with things like that after time. And with how active Kisumai is and the fact that all members tend to have something going for them when it comes to work right now gives me hope that in a year or two this divide will not be as bad.

Overall the PV is fun and I would put it near the level of SHE! HER! HER! but not right up there with it.

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