23 September 2012

Fujigaya is Priceless and Marius is hitting the big screen

Two bits of news to share, one for the small screen and the other for the big screen.

First off it has been confirmed that Fujigaya Taisuke will be in the upcoming drama Priceless which stars Kimura Takuya. The drama begins in October and will air on Fuji TV.

Kis-My-Ft2 LJ community (English)

Then the late night drama series, Kodomo Keisatsu, will be getting a film adaption that is planned on being released in Japan in March 2013. The actors from the drama will be reprising their roles, which includes Yo Marius.

JE News Daily article (English)

Have to say I am really happy to hear that Fujigaya will be in another drama. Of course he gets little break from his already heavy work schedule but at least it is not another starring role so he should not have to do so much. But even then this role is a pretty big thing as it is in a Kimutaku drama in the Golden Time slot so this could be a good way to work on propping him up to do more lead roles.

I do not doubt that Johnny's wants to see about making him one of their big names when it comes to dramas and I honestly think that Fujigaya is probably one of the best to do that with for Kis-My-Ft2.

I am surprised to hear that Kodomo Keisatsu is getting a movie made. It did not do as well in ratings for its time slot like Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou did , which aired during the same season. And the DVD/BD release for the TV series has not been released yet so I do not know what the studio is using to justify a movie.

Though in any case I am happy to see Marius doing some more acting. While he did not do much in his role I am sure it helped with getting him some early acting experience that could him out later on in his career.

And who knows, maybe Sexy Zone can do the theme song again so they would have another tie-in for a single around that time in 2013.


Rana said...

I started like Kisumai since 2009, and in my country, I guest in that time only 2 or 3 fan of them

Taipi is most popular member in Kisumai and he has looking, acting and voice, no wonder JE push him so much

after 13 years as Jr before debut, I think he is worthy like that!

Thennary Nak said...

It is really nice to see that after so many years as a Junior he is getting a lot of work and pushing. I think he is the perfect front man for the group.