13 February 2012

The not-so-random title of SHE! HER! HER!

I know when I first saw the title for Kis-My-Ft2's third single I thought it was one of the most random song titles I had seen, even for a Johnny's group. But I came across something recently that actually seems to make sense of it and of course would be something someone from Japan may have been able to pick up but international fans would be completely in the dark about.

As can be seen with this video for breath mints there was a brand of them called SHE HER HER:

And since one of the tie-ins for the single are special Kisumai mints, creatively called Kis-My-Mints, I think it's easy to see that these must be the inspiration for the song. (I have heard the radio rip floating around and I easily think this is their best single song so far and cannot wait to have my copy of the single even though I do need to wait for the album to be released before it will ship out.)

Also to note about the single is that information about what the special promotion it will have with the album has been announced. Those who buy a copy of the single will get an application ticket in them each that can be used to enter a special lottery. Those who win the lottery will be able to attend a special event at one of the upcoming Kisumai concerts in Japan, called Kis-My-Party. Those who buy both single and album can apply for another event that will be scheduled for later and is titled Cho Premium! Secret Event!


Chris said...

Thanks for sharing the video of the CM!
LOL now I see how they came up with that title for the single!
When I listened to the nes song for the first time, I found this "She!Her!Her!" sound weird but watching the CM, it makes immedately much more sense.

Overall, Kisumai´s new song is quite nice!

Thennary Nak said...

I'm quite liking it as well and hope the single does well, even though it is being released so close to the album release and the title song will be on the album. Usually those singles don't do well but I guess we will see next month.