12 March 2012

Sexy Zone to release a new single that won't be Yuuki 100%

The second single for Sexy Zone has been announced to be released on April 11th and it will not be another Yuuki 100% single. In fact Yuuki 100% will only be on the regular edition of the single, but the ending theme song for Nintama Rantaro Kaze o Kitte will be the B-side for all editions of the single. The A-side is still untitled. It will come in three versions, two limited editions and one regular edition.

The two limited editions will have a DVD each, the first has the PV for the title track and the second will have the making of for the PV. Both LEs have three tracks, the A-side and two B-side, one being Kaze o Kitte and the other listed as the title hasn't been decided yet.

The regular edition has the three tracks that the LEs do plus Yuuki 100% and karaoke tracks for all four tracks. The first press of the RE comes with a Nintama Rintaro sticker and a trading card (1 of 5 types) included.

Each version comes with a user code that can be used to download a special wallpaper (it is unknown if this can be used for those outside of Japan).

CDJapan already has the single up for pre-order and with each copy you order from them you will get a bonus poster.

I have to say I'm quite happy that the new single will not have Yuuki 100% as the A-side. To me Yuuki 100% makes me immediately think of NYC as that group has been so closely linked to the song of recent years. So I am glad that they will have another song as an A-side. I am thinking though that the new song that SZ has been performing on Shounen Club, Suki Sugite, probably has a good chance of being the untitled B-side seeing how With You was the same way.

I do hope this single does better than their debut single for the first week sales. I think it has the potential to do so now that the group has been around for a while and how well their concerts have done. I do not think we will get really high numbers but something well enough that it will not be a fight to get the number 1 for the week this time around.

And I also hope that when Johnny's net updates with information for the new single it will come with a section for Sexy Zone, and not under the Junior section again.


Chris said...

I´m excited for their new single and I think it´s sure to say that we don´t have to worry anymore about them being debuted or not.

Can´t be more happier that the A-side will not be Yuuki 100% but a new song. Nothing against Yuuki 100%, but NYC sang it just recently and I hear it too often on SC or other events, I want to hear something new. I´m excited to hear how the new song will sound like.

Misa said...

I´m usually just in JUMP fandom but Sexy Zone are just so cute boys, I can´t help but feeling love towards them too, hehe XDD
I´m cheering for them too :D
I will order my CD soon !
Thanks for the informations Dear!

Misa said...

Oh forgot to say:
Happy Birthday Kento (^^)/

Thennary Nak said...

@ Chris

I'd rather have something new from them as well. SZ doesn't seem to have as many songs as HSJ did when they debuted so the more the better, IMHO.

@ Misa

They are adorable and I am glad they are doing the more cute and energetic songs which suit them well.

Happy to share the news. ^__^

And belated congrats to Nakaken for being the first to reach 18. I can't help but think it will be a bit lonely for him on countdown when he is the only member that can perform on the stage with the other groups.