18 March 2012

Yo Marius to make drama debut

Well it looks like Johnny's is ready to amp up the promotion of Sexy Zone and its members as Nakajima Kento and Kikuchi Fuma are not the only members that will be in a drama this coming Spring. It has been announced that the group's youngest member, Yo Marius, will be making his drama debut. He will be in a TBS drama called Kodomo Keistatsu which will star child actor Suzuki Fu. The drama begins airing on April 17th.

The drama is about a middle aged cop that has his body reverted to a child's when exposed to a special gas when he was investigating a case. Two other officers are affected as well, which includes Marius' character.

Tokyo Graph article. (English)

First off congrats to Marius for his drama debut. I am curious on how he will do. I remember the little special drama segments SZ did for FIVB and he did not seem to have a lot of natural talent. Yet again that was still the time he seemed to be having trouble with being fluent with Japanese and he has improved since so perhaps he will do much better if he is not working with such a large language barrier.

Since it is a late night drama (airs about 1AM) it is probably a good start for him anyway. I think out of all the members of SZ Marius has the greatest room to grow and it will be interesting to see how he does.

For the drama itself it sounds kinda like a Detective Conan rip-off but again, it is a late night drama so those usually are not well known for being award winners or anything. And again it will probably be a good start for a young actor with no acting background like Marius.

Of course with him in a drama I would not be surprised if the remaining SZ members, Sato Shori and Matsushima So do not end up having at least guest roles on any of the dramas that have Johnny's in them. Especially Shori as he is the one Johnny's is pushing the most. But I guess we will have to wait for the new drama season to start to see if Johnny's will promote the group that much.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Shori's already got a drama airing right now!

markl02 said...

A couple of things I'm optimistic about: Marius has made mature-sounding comments in magazines, and he also often acts like the 11-12 year old boy that he is, so he should be good at this double identity character. Also, learning scripted lines and being able to practice them should help him a lot with his Japanese fluency. I hope this is a big step forward for him!

Ani2 said...

Congrats to Marius!! Wow, Nakanken, Fuma and now Marius in Spring dramas, that´s wonderful !
I think the same as you: if there will be news about Sou or Shori getting a role too, wouldn´t be a surprise for me. If not for spring season then for summer season. I also could imagine that for example Kento would get a role in summer again too.

To get a first drama role must be a great experience for Marius . Happy for him!

Thennary Nak said...

@ Anonymous

I was thinking up upcoming dramas, not current ones.

@ markl02

I also think this will help him a lot with his Japanese fluency as well. And I think it will be only the start of things for him.

@ Ani2

It really seems like Johnny's is pushing for these boys. But they really need that as they are not so well known as other groups that have debuted before them.

Jackie said...

Aw Marius is so cute, I really would like to see him acting in a drama. It´s finally coming true!
I hope he won´t have any bigger trouble with the japanese language though.
Personally I like Sou a lot so I want him to challenge acting soon as well.

Thennary Nak said...

I think Marius has come a long way with his Japanese and work like this should only help him get better.

It feels like it should be So's turn at a drama role next, even if only a small guest part or something.