01 March 2012

More Johnny's heading to university

Well doing a bit of catching up with news but two more recent high school graduates have announced that they will be attending university.

First up Nakayama Yuma announced that he will be attending Komazawa University in Tokyo starting in April. He did not mention in which field of study that he will be having his studies in.

Momoedgewood blog (English)

Then Sexy Zone's Nakajima Kento has announced that he will be going to Meiji Gakuen University and will be studying in their sociology department. He also mentions that he wants to follow in the foot steps of other university graduated Johnny's and one day become a presenter on a news program.

Sports Hochi article. (Japanese)

Congrats to the boys and I wish them the best of luck with having to balance their school work with their idol work. Though I guess this could explain why Nakaken has not done much in recent months if he was busy studying to enter university.


Jackie said...

So Yuma is moving finally toTokyo !
I´m glad with his decision because he doesn´t need to travel forth and back and he can do more work.

Nakaken and Yuma will become busy but I couldn´t be happier that more Johnny´s idols decide to continue studying.
It makes me proud of them.

Anonymous said...

Hi,i´m kento´s fan.
as much as i´m happy that he will go to university, i worry about his future activities >_<
Me myself is still going to school so i have no idea how difficult university life is, especially in japan. so what do you think?
are japanese universities much more harder than highschool?
i hope it won´t mean that i won´t get to see kento as often as before >< especially i wanted to see him in a drama again so badly!!
please reply.

Thennary Nak said...

@ Jackie

At this point it really makes a lot of sense to have him Tokyo as he gets most of his work there these days anyway.

I'm pretty proud of all the ones continuing with their education as well.

@ Anonymous

Typically universities in Japan are easier than high school, as high schools are pretty much geared to get students to pass college entrance exams. Once you're in a university it is not as bad.

I do hope we continue to see Nakaken in dramas while he's in university myself. I think if someone as busy as Yamapi can handle both college and work so could Nakaken.