10 August 2011

Kis-My-Ft2 are officially debuted!

It feels so great to be able to type that. It feels even better going to Johnny's net and seeing that Kis-My-Ft2 is no longer under Johnny's Juniors and have their own section on the website. I feel like I've been waiting forever for that update.

On Sunday I received my e-mail from CDJapan that my order with the debut single had been shipped out so I'm waiting for it to come it. I can't wait to hold it in my hands as proof as this moment I had been hoping for is indeed real.

Congrats Kis-My-Ft2 on your debut!! I wish you the best of success and I plan on supporting you to the end.

Johnny's net's Kis-My-Ft2 section. (Japanese)


Kismy said...

KYAAAA, this is the best day for me >_< How much I´ve been waiting for thissss!!!!
Already their debut confirmaion in winter was unbelievable but today is even more great because they are FINALLY no Juniors anymore XDD
Ahh I´m so so happy !!!!!
Hehe I also ordered my CD´s from CDJapan and still waiting for them too XD


Ani2 said...

Omedetou Kis-my-ft2 !
The fans feel happy but imagine how Kisumai must feel excited.
So many years of being Juniors, other younger Jr´s like HSJ, Yuma w.B.I., NYC debuted before them, they maybe thought that they´ll never debut and then this day finally came.
I get quite emotional when I think about what they´ve gone through and today they finally achieved their goal.

But now is just the beginning, wishing all the best for the boys !

Jackie said...

I feel so happy for Kis-my-ft2 and myself is excited.
Finally they also have their own category on J-Net/J-Web and when I watch the Junior site, it feels so different without Kis-my-ft2.
Today´s sales are 175239 which is really good but to tell the truth, I hoped for higher sales since they also debuted in many Asian countries, and then all those editions.,
But somehow I´m glad that they didn´t sell as much as KAT-TUN for example, because now Kis-my-ft2 can work hard to become better and better while with KT: the only way was going down.
But I think "Real face" had a much bigger impact than "Everbody Go" , plus Kame and Jin were really popular at that time.
I still hope the sales won´t drop much the next days.
Do you know what the 1st day sales were for Ultra Music Power?

*Congrats Kis-my-ft2*
Ah and of course I ordered their single too and support them from now on.

Karina said...

Congratulations to Kisumai!! I'm soooo proud of them! And I think their first day sale is wonderful^^
Japanese and forgein fans are just awesome how much they´re supporting them XD
They deserve all the love !

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Ikemen desune, I became an even more bigger fan of Tamamori Yuta.
I like their debut song a lot, it´s catchy plus I love when they perform on roller skates !
Their performance on Music Station was so awesome, unforgettable for me!!
I want Kis-my-ft2 to be know by more and more people, they are great ! ( but it´s annyoing that people ask over and over again how to pronounce their name correctly O_O and I hate when they make fun of that name)

Chris said...

My boys did it ! YayXD
I can´t help but love those boys. If only Johnny wouldn´t let some of them look like backdancers but honestly, I don´t see a change coming T_T
I want my CD´s to arrive soooon !!!
I wonder when they´ll release their second single..I guess still this year.

And a question on your opinion: what do you think, when does Johnnys decide on a group debut? Like some months in advance or even one year before? There´s also the drama, so I think they decided it already way early.
I always wonder when was the point for Johnny to dedide to let them debut because he always stated before that no one of Showa will debut anymore.
Haha, now see what happened XD

Misa said...

I love their new section on J-Net. Their profile pics are just sooo kakkoii XDD
Taisukeeeee >333

Thennary Nak said...

@ Kismay

Just got my CDs today and couldn't be happier. It feels to good to be able to begin my collection for Kisumai CDs finally after dreaming about it for so long.

@ Ani2

I agree it must feel amazing for the boys to finally realize their dream of debut. It must be such an exciting time for them.

@ Jackie

Those editions in those countries don't count on the Oricon chart. And even then Kisumai has been doing very well as their numbers currently have surpassed HSJ's opening week numbers and look to be able to easily beat NEWS' numbers as well.

Not sure what HSJ sold their first day but their first week was 246,826 and as of the latest numbers Kisumai is at 271,048 with a couple more days left for sales.

@ Karina

And hopefully this is just the start of things to come for both the boys and the fans. Especially since they're already aiming for an Asian tour soon.

@ Anonymous

I think it's understandable people who are not familiar with the group will be a bit confused with how to pronounce the name, I know I was at first. I think it's just something we fans will have to deal with.

For those who make fun of the name I wouldn't let them annoy you. There have been worse names in the world of Japanese idol groups. And I think it's much more important that you enjoy the group rather than worry what others think of them.

@ Chris

I would guess before the end of the year as well for their next single as well. With a start this strong it would be foolish not to keep a good pace for releases and loose momentum.

Honestly I would think about a year as I have heard that's abotu as far in advance they figure out casts for dramas and it would have been a waste to have Tamamori and Fujigaya in Ikemen Desu Ne if they weren't either debuted or debuting as it's a series that has promise of being a hit. But I think they were probably being considered for debut the moment it was decided they would have their own solo national tour. And when it was a success with the tours after that they probably decided on debuting them. Of course this is just my guess but so much goes into a debut that there must be a good amount of preparation and planning that must be done and a few months doesn't seem to be enough time at all.

@ Misa

I'm quite glad they got their own section after Johnny's net began putting up pictures for everyone. They definitely got the cool image down.