03 August 2011

Domoto Tsuyoshi new single

Domoto Tsuyoshi will be releasing a new solo single this September on the 7th. It will come in three different versions, two LEs and one RE. The Type A LE comes with B-side tracks not on the other two versions as well as a photo and special packaging, the Type B has the karaoke track and the DVD with PV and recording studio footage while the RE has B-sides not on the other two editions. The title of the single is Niji no Uta and the A-side is the only song on all three editions.

Niji no Uta [Regular Edition] / Tsuyoshi Domoto

Niji no Uta [Limited Edition / Type A] / Tsuyoshi Domoto

Niji no Uta [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type B] / Tsuyoshi Domoto


Chris said...

I like Tsuyoshi´s singing, so looking forward to hear his new single. But why isn´t Koichi releasing any solo stuff?

Anonymous said...

I love Kinki Kids but also Tsuyoshi Domoto´s solo releases.
Yay for his new single !!

Thennary Nak said...

@ Chris

I think Koichi is busy with Endless Shock so he doesn't have as much time for new solo releases outside of that.

@ Anonymous

While both may not always be to my taste (I am in love with the TIME single though) I can definitely tell both put out good quality releases. And it amazes me at how talented Tsuyoshi is with his music.