12 August 2011

Tegomass concert tour and new song

On Johnny's net there is information up about a new concert tour for Tegomass. The tour begins late October and ends late December.

Also Tegomass were at the Fireworks Festival 2011 and performed a new song there titled Hanabi.

Now this is speculation on my part but it looks like Tegomass will have a new release coming up soon. What it will be single/mini-album/album can be anyone's guess but with a concert tour it would make sense it would have to be something. And I expect to hear news about it when it's around the time Johnny's starts putting out solicitations for October.

It rather makes sense to have Tegomass active near the end of the year as that's when Kanjani8 usually have their concert tours so NEWS can't really be active as a group during that time. As a NEWS fan though I can't help but wish there was a group CD release this year but it just doesn't look like it'll happen. All I can do is hope that Johnny's has figured that the best way to deal with the issue of NEWS is to have Tegomass and/or Yamapi active during this time of year and wait for another time in the year to do something with the full group. That and hope that my worst fears aren't going to be realized next year and have NEWS breakup and just have Tegomass and Yamapi continue on as a duo and a soloist.


Chris said...

*Sigh*, somehow I can´t get really happy about the tour since I´m waiting for a NEWS tour and single. But that won´t happen this year for sure T_T
But well, at least Togemass´s fans can be happy that they´re still active.

Jackie said...

One thing I still can´t understand: I just watched the figure sales of NEWS and they were always really great, only Fighting man was lower than usual but with 170k it´s still really good.
Even so, why is JE not making them releasing them something or behaving like NEWS isn´t existing anymore? I mean, they did always great ! They can have Yamapi doung solo and NEWS together and Tegomass can continue as ever too in both groups.
I really don´t understand why.
Did NEWS do anything wrong?

I´m looking forward to Tegomass´s activities this year !!

Ani2 said...

Here for Tegomass XD
They´re so talented boys, it would be such a waste if they wouldn´t have any activities anymore.
Thank you Johnny-san!

I noticed that it got silent around Yamashita recently, I haven´t heard anything about what he is doing now.
If there is no NEWS single, then I want a new from YamaP in the style of One in a Million.
OMG, I hope we´ll never get those news that NEWS will get seperated D: