06 April 2011

KAT-TUN new single and Tegomass concert DVD

Catching up now with recent release announcements.

KAT-TUN has a new single on the way to be release on May 18th, White. While it's a single A-side it has two tie-in songs, the title song and the B-side on all three editions, Perfect. There is one LE that has the usual PV for the A-side with making of. Then it's two REs this time, each coming with a different 2nd B-side song.

White [Regular Edition] / KAT-TUN

White [Regular Edition (First Press)] / KAT-TUN

White [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] / KAT-TUN

White [Set of limited and regular editions] / KAT-TUN

Then Tegomass will be releasing a concert DVD for their last concert tour, Tegomass no Ai. It comes in two editions with the only bonus for the LE is a 52-page booklet.

Tegomass 2nd Live Tegomass no Ai [Regular Edition] / Tegomass (Tegomasu)

Tegomass 2nd Live Tegomass no Ai [Limited Edition] / Tegomass (Tegomasu)

With the May singles that have been announced I'm personally wondering if Kis-My-Ft2 will be having a June CD debut instead. It seems too late for them to release on the first week of May and AKB48 have a single releasing on the only other week that doesn't have a Johnny's single being released. I'm sure Johnny's wants Kisumai to have a #1 debut single so I wouldn't be surprised to see that they wait until the next month to make sure they get that.

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Ani2 said...

I really hope KAT-TUN´s singles will sell good.
Sometimes I feel so sad for them because their sales of theirrecent singles become less and less...
So I hope with the new single, it will become a little better!!

I think Kismy will debut in June because otherwise we would have already get some infos about their debut single. Even though I can´t wait for their release,it´s better to wait for the perfect release date rather than hurrying up. I mean, I don´t want them to release on the same date like AKB48, and I trust JE that they will find a good date for a release so they an become No.1.