30 April 2012

NYC - Yoku Asobi, Yoku Manabe PV review

To be honest I am feeling a bit burned out from doing PV reviews so I guess it is a good thing this is the last day of the month. As I mentioned in a post before I will be starting my new project on Wednesday with the first episode of Shounen Club. I will do Wednesday and Satuday updates for it for all the half hour episodes and when it changes to the hour episodes it will be Saturday only. I also have some drama reviews to do as well not to mention some posts I have written drafts of that I want to post. So hopefully I will get a long enough break before reviewing another PV.

I am rather meh about this song. It is not bad and is nice and catchy but not something I care too much to listen to too much.

Johnny's finally decided that the members of NYC should actually visit New York City and thus we have this PV. It even starts out with the three arriving in NYC from a plane flight.

The cleanest ally in NYC.
One of the main scenes is the boys sitting on a wall while they sing. I rather like the casual clothes they have for this PV.

I don't think they understand you Yamada.
The boys are seen to be hanging with other kids, supposedly the ones that hang out in the area they are in.

It does not take much to amaze a Johnny's.
We then move on to more touristy shots, like Yamada Ryosuke getting his fortune told by a creepy machine thing and various other things that you know nobody who actually lives in NYC would actually do.

Adorable alien boy.
I think Nakayama Yuma is much more relaxed in front of the camera then in earlier PVs. He seems to have learned how to work the camera as well as his group mates.

At least fan girls can't complain about these guys not eating enough.
Of course what else would one do in NYC but go grocery shopping? And the way they load up the cart makes it look like they will be staying for a while or have bottomless pits for stomachs.

Totally okay to get in the carriage of creepy strangers.
The boys get in a horse and carriage to start up a new set of scenes. One which includes the driver looking back at them with a creepy look on his face.

Yamada realized they don't know where their hotel is.
The camera lens they used for these shots do this weird warping thing. I do not like it as I see no point to it as it really does nothing to the scenes other than make them looked warped.

Cute, but not with that hair.
I would like to comment on Chinen Yuri's hair for this PV to say it really does not suit him well at all. Sure it may look okay in this screen shot but in others it really does him no favors what so ever.

Teeth... the teeeeeeth.
Then we have the boys walking around NYC at night. Of course it is in the area that is best known to be a tourist trap but I guess it works as it is recognizable.

Makes you wonder what the random people in the background must think of this.
I like the rotating camera with the boys here. Especially as it actually avoids doing it to the point of making the viewer dizzy from watching it.

Perhaps there is a message here.
This PV ends not on the boys but on various letters that make up the group's name from signs around New York.

Not a bad PV considering that is mainly made up of footage of the boys sightseeing. Though the PV really does not really fit the song as I do not see how hanging around NYC ties into studying and playing all that much. It is still leagues above Wonderful Cupid, but even one of the live concert footage PVs would be miles better than that, because I honestly do hate that song that much.

I probably could say more but I am dead tired and not even sure if half the stuff I wrote for this review makes sense. Good night all.

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