29 April 2012

Looking for some good blogs.

Figured I should go ahead and announce that I have joined the staff for Idolminded, a website to help connect Japanese and Korean idol English language blogs. I hope as member of the staff I can help bring in other idols fandoms to the spotlight there

This is not going to affect this blog as it will be my first priority like always. What it will do is give me a chance to share my love for idols with even more people as well as help others share their love as well.

Something I have been wanting to do is to simply ask for recommendations for idol related blogs, with emphasis on Johnny's related blogs. I check from time to time to see if I cannot find more blogs for myself to visit but now that I have this new position I would love to find more.

What I am looking for:
-Blogs in English.
-Blogs that are predominantly about Japanese idols, as in the main focus.
-Decent grammar and spelling. Does not need to be perfect but capitalizing the correct letters and using spell check should be basic enough. Also only using Japanese words when there is no exact English equivalent like senpai/kouhai. Just being clear enough in what you are saying for others to understand even if they know little to nothing about the topic you are writing about.
-Blogs that do reviews and/or essays.
-Bloggers that add their own opinion to topics.
-Active blogs. (It is fine if they do not post as much as I do but they should at least show signs that they have not been abandoned.)

What I am NOT looking for:
-Personal blogs.
-Blogs that only post about idols every once in a while.
-Blogs that are mainly just download links.
-Blogs that just cut and paste posts on other blogs.
-Blogs that are just squee-ing. (Not to say there can be no squee-ing but the blog should be more than just that.)
-Blogs with any kind of embedded features, like music and videos.
-No fanfiction or other fanworks. (Though if it is minimal I will still be willing to consider it.)
-Fan communities.

Also I would prefer blogs that are at least three months old. This is just to make sure this is not going to be something the author is just going to quit as quickly as they began it. The only exception would be for blog that is posting daily or near daily and then just over a month would be fine.

If you check what kind of blogs that get posted for the Recommended Reading posts it should also give a good idea of the type of blogs I am interested in. I just would like to be able to find blogs like that for Johnny's seeing as they are my main passion in idol fandom.

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Dulz Gaya said...

well I have a blog too and I really appreciate your work in this blog and i hope if you could guide me to maintain a blog becoz i am new to this but i want to make the best use out of all the possibilities I hope you can help me :)