15 April 2012

The countdown continues...

Well after the old countdown ended in revealing what everyone had figured out from the countdown itself, the return of NEWS, a new countdown has begun. This time the countdown is set to end when K-chan NEWS begins at midnight on Tuesday JST.

What is nice is that you can hear what could possibly be the music of new songs from NEWS, there are four different ones in total, when viewing the countdown website. And the silhouettes of the members are in the background and from time to time are colored by one of the members' colors and flash. Purple for Koyama Keiichiro, green for Kato Shigeaki, yellow for Masuda Takahisa and pink for Tegoshi Yuya.

I had really hoped that we would actually get a April release for NEWS' comeback but I think this rather makes up for it. I do not think I would feel as pumped or united with other NEWS fans as I do with these countdowns. I love eagerly searching out what other NEWS fans think the countdowns mean and seeing that I am far from the only one so eager to get news on this group.

It makes me wonder if NEWS fans felt like this when the group came back from their hiatus in early 2007. In a way I am sad that I was not a part of the fandom when that happened but then again unless I was a fan of the group before the hiatus I do not think that comeback would be as meaningful or exciting. I guess it is probably the same for anyone who becomes a NEWS fan after this return. Not that it is a bad thing, because new fans are always good, just that they would have missed out on some of the pain and joy of being a fan of this group over the years.

I think it was a great sign that fans managed to crash the site at the end of the first countdown as it should send a message to Johnny's that there are fans waiting for their return and are eager for any news. I worry that without Yamashita Tomohisa and Nishikido Ryo in the group that Johnny's may not bother putting much support in the current NEWS. But I guess all the things the guys have been doing solo may be a sign that it is not the case, though I still worry for this group. I really want to see them succeed and the fact that Johnny's is building hype for this makes me feel like they really want them to do well as they are now too.

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