21 April 2012

Relatives in showbiz

While I normally do not care to get into the families and family life of most Johnny’s, as they belong to the personal lives of Johnny’s and I believe they should be able to have a life outside of their idol work. The only exception to this is when they have family in showbiz. I still do not care to go any more in depth about their personal lives than they are willing to share but I will definitely be interested in these showbiz relatives and what they do.

So I decided to take a look at some of the immediate family members of Johnny’s that I know of. I figured some might be interested in this as well as some may not be well known or be known to be related. I will skip relatives that are no longer in showbiz or are Johnny’s, to keep the list short, though I may do another post eventually about the Johnny’s that have family with the agency.

Akanishi Yuuta
Akanishi Yuuta is the stage name for Akanishi Jin’s younger brother Reiho. He is an actor and focuses on being an actor. He is set to star in a Japanese film about the three musketeers. He has a twitter account and has been harassed by his brother’s fans at times before Jin had his own twitter account.

Fujigaya Yuusuke
Fujigaya Yuusuke is the younger brother of Fujigaya Taisuke of Kis-My-Ft2. He is a part of a talent agency and has done some theater work so far in his career.

Yamada Nana
Probably the most successful Johnny’s siblings would be Nakayama Yuma’s older sister, Nakayama Nana, who currently goes by the stage name Yamada Nana since joining the Osaka based idol group NMB48. She had been in the idol business previously as a member of Hello! Pro and was in an Osaka based group called SINA. When NMB48 had their first auditions for the group she tried out for them and was selected. She is one of the main girls of the unit and is the main regular on the program, Docking48. With NMB48 holding the record for having the most singles to debut at number one since their debut single for a female idol group she is definitely doing well for herself.

Fujii Shuka
Fujii Karen

The Fujii family must have some interesting conversations around their dinner table with not only their son, Fujii Ryusei being a Johnny’s (member of the Kansai Junior group 7WEST) but their daughters Shuuka and Karen and having debuted in separate girl groups in connection to EXPG, which is Exile’s version of having trainees. Karen is the second vocalist of the group Happiness while Shuuka is one of the dancers in Flower. They are both younger than Ryusei, with Shuuka being the elder of the two girls. Being a part of LDH girl groups the two are also bother members of the super group E-Girls, which has members of girl groups Dream, Happiness and Flower all together to form the group.

Kyomoto Masaki
Teppei Koike
Kyomoto Taiga of the Tokyo Juniors has a couple of celebrity relatives which includes his father Kyomoto Masaki. His father is an actor and has had various roles in dramas and movies. Taiga is also cousin to actor and singer (half of the duo WaT) Teppei Koike. Johnny’s fans will probably recognize Teppei as he has had roles in dramas with Johnny’s, like Gokusen 2 and Dragon Zakura.


Hw said...

First time posting on your blog even though I've been following it for a few months.

I was hoping you'll write something about Nakajima Yuto's younger brother, Nakajima Raiya (中島来弥).
He's in Avex Artists Academy and his blog is http://ameblo.jp/rairobo24/

I think he really looks like chibi Yuto ^_^

Hina said...

Interesting post! I'd also like to add Ikuta Ryuusei, Toma's younger brother. He's currently an announcer at Fuji TV.

Thennary Nak said...

@ Hw

Well thank you for following and I am happy to finally hear from you.

Thank you for the information. He does look like his older brother when he was younger.

I probably make another post like this in the future and will make sure to add him then.

@ Hina

Thank you for the information. I will probably save that information for another post about this topic in the future.