13 April 2012

Nakayama Yuma w/B.I. Shadow - Akuma na Koi PV review

Meant to do this review last night but did not get around to it.

I rather like this song even though the title makes no sense with the lyrics of the song. The only reason I can think the song has the title it does is because of the drama tie-in. But it is a nice slower paced song and the vocals fit well. Definitely a good choice of song for Nakayama Yuma.

Making no one will find his secret porn stash.
I love how this PV is shot. It has a rather organic feel to it, which helps sell the little plot running through it, of a group of boys just coming together to record a song and hang out together. Of course I am not so sure how believable it would be for a group of young teens to set up an impromptu recording studio for themselves, but whatever. It works for this PV.

The Kansai Junior that could.
The star of the PV and of life really, Nakayama Yuma. It seems like a pity that Nakayama Yuma w/B.I. Shadow did not stick around for the long run. I think Yuma could easily fit the center role for a group but I guess it seems like Johnny's wants to see if they can make him a soloist or not. Which I do not mind as I think he could do it. If anything he would be more interesting as a soloist than the current ones for me.

No Yuugo, push not lift.
Really like these scenes of the boys preparing the room. They come off as natural and with this line up for B.I. Shadow being rather new when this came out it is good to see the members working together.

The internet is for porn.
The whole, "let's record a song with these mics and laptop here", thing that the PV has going on for some reason throws me out of it. For some reason I would be fine with the boys just singing with the mics for no reason than this one. Not quite sure why though.

Yuma, maestro and singer.
Speaking of which, I do like that this is a main part of the video. Especially as the boys are interacting with each other throughout it. Though you can already see which members Johnny's is going to push more than the rest.

How could you not love that smile?
But outside of placement in those scenes everyone gets ample time to shine on their own. A big plus as members like Matsumura Hokuto and Koichi Yuugo were still pretty new to the group and Johnny's at the time.

The art of playing a guitar by not playing one.
Each boy gets a moment to showcase themselves as the "hanging out together" plot continues with the PV. Each get something unique to do though I do wonder who owns the hangout they are in. It comes rather well stocked for a place that looked rather abandoned.

It's A-O.K.
Not sure if Yuma falls into creeper or not with the stealth photography. Though I can see friends doing something like this so I will not bother to think much of it.

Nakaken is a natural star.
My main complaint for this video is the lack of screen time for B.I. Shadow in these outfits. I rather like them but they get next to no screen time for BIS after the quick shots of them first in them.

How to look deep: pretend to read book with fancy cover, check.
Nakajima Kento was pretty much assured a bright future with Johnny's the moment he took the stage with a mic. He just has that star quality and I am so glad he was finally able to eventually debut.

Yuma has seen into the future and already loathes Wonderful Cupid.
Again, really disappointed this is the only way to see those outfits on B.I. Shadow, or at least Nakaken and Kikuchi Fuma as the other two do not even appear in these shots, in the PV.

So cute. Want to ruffle his hair so bad.
For some reason I did not notice how young Koichi Yuugo looked back then even though it was not that long ago I did the review for the NYC PV.

Be Happy!
I really like these scenes that show up during the second half of the PV. I cannot help but feel happier seeing others looking happy and the boys here look genuinely happy in these scenes.

Really don't want to brag but...
I must not have paid that much attention but Nakaken probably has the most vocal parts in this song out of BIS. He is the main backing vocal for Yuma and I think keeping that in mind it makes a lot of sense for him to be selected for a small group like Sexy Zone where he can show off his vocals.

Yes, Fuma had trouble with making different facial expression well before SZ.
And this screen cap is because I just wanted more cute. And Yuugo has such a bright smile. So glad he and Hokuto are still with Johnny's as I want to see more of their smiles.

Nakaken is the champion.
And the PV ends with a group shot that fades to black. And I find myself in a better mood than before I watched it. I swear all five of these boys are stars in the making. Hopefully they all get to debut to prove this.

This PV works well for a young group like YuBIS. Even though it is a love song they are singing the PV itself is all rather innocent and there is just an enjoyment to be found seeing others being happy and having fun. And as much as I love the PVs that are more out there and zany these kinds of PVs when done well, like Akuma na Koi is, are great too.


Anonymous said...

as much as i like the song and the pv.. the making was even more enjoyable. first seen the pv in some music video channel.. and i was like, who's the kid?! very nice voice or rather very cute group.. ah, that was 3 years ago! yuma's voice cracked in yaym thou.. he can still sing but the voice is totally different. honestly, i dont like the voices of the others(as soloist.. and thats apparent even today. voices changes thou in time.. with practice it can be better or even best[or worst for the others].. there as just some who have the voice naturally), no offense.. but they have a good harmony when singing together. still love the akuma no koi pv after all this years.

Thennary Nak said...

I think Nakaken's and Fuma's voices sound good. They probably won't be my top voices but I was surprised at how solid they sounded with their solo lines with Lady Diamond. I think they are definitely getting more vocal practice now and I hope they keep improving.