18 April 2012

Quick hiatus, and information for voting for NEWS' Best album

Just to let everyone know I will be visiting family from Thursday to Sunday. I may still be able to post a bit, but for the most part my time will be with the family members I will be visiting. But I think I have already made up for it with all the posting I have been doing of late, not to mention I still have quite a few PVs to review that I will try to finish up with in the next week or two. So I will probably be double posting a lot in the near future.

Voting is open for fans who want to vote for the four NEWS songs they want on the album. Over at the NEWS LJ community someone has put up instructions on how to do so in English. It seems like you just need an e-mail address to vote so it means the overseas fans can vote as well.

The tutorial for the voting process.

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